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Frequently Asked Questions

The City Council, City Manager, a City Department, a citizen or a group can request resolutions and ordinances

Office of the City Clerk


Marilyn Sanders

City Clerk

(816) 513-6401


Monica Sanders

Chief Deputy City Clerk


(816) 513-6407

LUSI – Technical Support and Training

Boards and Commissions


Kristy Cotton


Secretary to Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Committee

Secretary to the Board of Trustees for City Trusts



(816) 513-6404

Howard Rice

Secretary to the Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee

Secretary to the Special Committee for Legal Review

Secretary to the Municipal Official and Officers Ethics Commission

Secretary to Silver Haired City Council


(816) 513-6408


Erica Dobbs

Secretary to Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee

Secretary to Special Committee on Housing Policy


(816) 513-6405