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Description of Office Duties

Description of Office Duties


The Office of the City Clerk provides administrative, research and legislative support to the mayor and City Council of Kansas City, Mo. This includes the processing of ordinances and resolutions and all related documents. The city clerk is appointed by the mayor and City Council, and her office provides staff support to the various council committees.


The City Council holds weekly committee meetings each Wednesday. The council meets for business sessions and legislative sessions every Thursday. The procedures for these meetings are outlined in the Standing Rules for the City Council. Kansas City is one of a very few cities with a council that meets weekly. For a description of the legislative process, please click here.


Meeting Information


Business session
The City Council of Kansas City, Mo., holds business sessions scheduled every Thursday at 1:30 p.m., in the committee room on the 10th floor of City Hall.


Legislative session
The City Council's legislative sessions are held every Thursday at 3 p.m., in the Council Chamber on the 26th floor of City Hall.

Meeting times are subject to change with 24-hour notice. Please contact the City Clerk's Office at (816) 513-3360, if you have any questions.


Finance, Governance & Ethics Committee - The Finance, Governance and Ethics Committee shall oversee the implementation of the financial, legal, and management policies of the City and shall oversee the City Council’s involvement with the City Manager in the year-round budget process; and the city's legislative priorities at both the federal and state levels of the government.


Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee - The Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee shall oversee the implementations of policies related emergency and public safety issues of the city.


Neighborhood and Health Communities Committee -Shall oversee the implementations of policies related to housing, health, public safety, neighborhood improvements. The Committee shall provide a forum for the neighborhoods to suggest new initiatives to address neighborhood concerns.


Legislative Committee - The Legislative Committee shall oversee the implementation of the City’s legislative priorities at federal and state levels of government.


Planning, Zoning Committee - The Planning, Zoning committee will work to ensure that the economic development and redevelopment of Kansas City are planned in accordance with the city's strategic plan and the sustained economic vitality is an important factor in any plan. The Housing committee shall oversee the implementation of policies related to housing and recommend goals and objectives of the Consolidated Housing & Community Development Plan and other community development-related Federal or State or privately leverage funded housing programs. The Committee will solicit input from housing stakeholders from the public and private sectors and evaluate the performance of Community Development Corporations (CDC) and other agencies performing federally funded activities, and make recommendations regarding contract revisions, enforcement and proposals for funding.


Transportation and Infrastructure Committee - The Transportation and Infrastructure committee shall oversee the implementation of city policies that affect the public infrastructure, public facilities, transportation, aviation and airport-related contracts, environment and city services.