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Last Published: 11/8/2004 11:56:39 AM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:
Presided:1 - CHARLES EDDY

Authorizing a $348,500.00 contract with Wiedenmann & Godfrey Construction, Inc., for constructing sanitary sewers to serve Sewer District Nos. 22067 through 22071; reducing an appropriation in the amount of $68,263.06 in the Sewer Special Assessment Bond Fund 1991; appropriating it to the project account; authorizing the Director of Public Works to expend $191,675.00 for the project; authorizing assessment of the costs against the properties benefited; and recognizing an emergency.

Staff from CIMO testified this project meets all requirements.
Ayes: 3 - Eddy, Brooks, Skaggs
Nays: 0

Authorizing the issuance of Taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds (Bayer CropScience LP Project) Series 2004I, in an amount not to exceed $40,000,000.00; authorizing and approving certain other documents; and authorizing certain other actions in connection with the issue of said bonds.

Dan Grandcolas, Finance Department and Jerry Riffle, Legal Council testified in favor of this project.
Ayes: 3 - Eddy, Brooks, Skaggs
Nays: 0

Providing for submission to the qualified voters of the City for their approval at an election called for Tuesday, February 8, 2005, the question of increasing the ad valorem tax levy for capital improvements and operating expenses for hospital and public health purposes from fifty cents ($.50) to seventy-two cents ($.72) per one hundred dollars ($100.00) assessed valuation on real and tangible personal property within the City; directing the City Clerk to notify the responsible election authorities of this election; and recognizing this ordinance to be an emergency measure.

FINANCE COMMITTEE recommends "HOLD ON AGENDA (11/22/2004)"
Testimony will be taken at the next meeting.

Authorizing the City Manager to execute a tax credit agreement with the Missouri Development Finance Board and the Metropolitan Kansas City Performing Arts Center for the issuance of tax credits and the acceptance of private contributions to support fund-raising efforts for capital improvements for its construction project located at approximately 1601 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri.

FINANCE COMMITTEE recommends "HOLD ON AGENDA (11/22/2004)"
Gabriel Okafor asked this be held. Jerry Riffle testifies the importance of passing an ordinance for tax credits by the end of the year. Councilman Eddy will talk with the Chair of PZE to see if the ordnance can be heard next week at PZE.

Amending Chapter 34, Code of Ordinances, by repealing Article XII, consisting of Sections 34-471 through 34-510 and enacting in lieu thereof one new Article XII, Smoking prohibited in enclosed places of employment, consisting of Sections 34-471 through 34-510, prohibiting smoking in enclosed places of employment and all enclosed public places and establishing penalties for noncompliance .

FINANCE COMMITTEE recommends "HOLD ON AGENDA (11/22/2004)"
Pat Morgester from the Health Department provided information regarding ballot language. A pulmonary specialist from TMC discussed the effects of second hand smoke. A second specialist testified. Eon Jones from Paseo 9804 Locust testifies in support of the ban. He has asthma working in a restaurant as a host if hard on him. This is a good idea. Charles Melton, to testify this is a regional issue and perhaps an issue for the state legislature. This doesn’t seem to be the time with the revitalization of downtown. Cynthia Savage, Chair of the KC Hotel Association testifies regarding the ordinance. The Hotel Association participated with the Health Commission however it the ordinance does not meet the needs of the business community. She is very concerned with the financial impacts of a smoking ban. Vickie Bowman testifies regarding the negative financial impacts of a smoking ban on bowling centers. A greater percentage of bowlers smoke, the time required for league bowlers to have smoke breaks will reduce the number of league spaces available. A summary handout of issues was distributed to the Council. Ask that you reconsider looking toward a statewide ban. Do not give an exemption to casinos. Charles Poole from the City of Parkville testifies the city is looking at a smoke free area as well. The health issue is the priority issue. He has the desire to move this issue forward in Parkville. Letter Bob Hsia provided a letter. Joe Bolduc testifies regarding the negative impact passing the smoking ban. Ed Oliver, 5501 NW 81st in Kansas City, testifies regarding the importance of looking at the health issues. Expressed concern with the enforcement/fines listed in the ordinance. Robert Cherry, testifies how dangerous smoking is quoting the United Nations report from the World Health Organization. John testifying about the effects of second hand smoke.