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Last Published: 7/16/2012 11:33:55 AM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:
Presided:1 - MELBA CURLS

Authorizing the acceptance and approval of a one-year $300,000.00 grant award agreement with the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City for the Aim4Peace program.

Dr. Rex Archer, Health Department and Tracie McClendon Cole, Aim4Peace were present and testified regarding the $300,000.00 Grant from Health Care foundation of Greater Kansas City. They both expressed the importance of Aim4Peace and its measurable success in helping to reduce violence and homicides in Kansas City. Ms. McClendon Cole explained that the model for Aim4Peace was one that had been used is cities like Baltimore, MD and Chicago, IL adding that although these cities are larger than Kansas City in population they weren't in land mass. Aim4Peace had the challenge of finding a way to reduce violent crime over a large geographic area and decided that they would solicited help from KCPD and other partners to identify the zip code or beat that was most at risk. She introduced Major Ell, KCPD, he explained that the national average for homicide is 12% Kansas City has been consistently at 33%. He added that by partnering with Aim4peace there has been a 5% reduction and with more manpower and resources he is confident that the reduction would be even greater. Teresa Lienhop and Mickie Keeling, TMC emergency, were both present and spoke to the incidents they see regularly at Truman. They said that they have noticed a reduction in repeat patients. However one incident came to mind when a young man was seen in the emergency room and refused to allow Aim4peace to assist him. He was shot for a third time and unfortunately died. The young man's family decided after his death to cooperate with Aim4peace and worked toward a cease fire. Allison Lind a health care worker at Children's Mercy spoke and said that she volunteers her time with Aim4peace because she believes in the program and has seen first hand the effect of violence on children that come to the hospital where she works. Dolores Johnson, Vineyard Neighborhood Association, testified that Vineyard neighborhood has benefitted by its partnership with Aim4Peace and hopes that the program continues. Pastor Artist Taylor, testified on behalf of CCO and True Vine Baptist Church, He stated that his church as well as others have partnered with Aim4Peace and provided mentoring and sanctuary for many at risk youth, the youth have at times taken up residence in a church, it was the only place safe for them. Mr. Travis Bray, Aim4Peace volunteer and former offender was present and testified that he could see the value in what Aim4Peace does and wishes it had been in place for him. He served 14 years in prison and was released a year ago and now wants to give back to his community and hopefully help to prevent others from making the mistakes that he did. There were questions and suggestions from the committee. The panel that included Dr. Archer, Tracie McClendon and Mr. Domenges, answered questions and stated that they would take the suggestions of the committee under advisement. Additionally they agreed to provide statistics to the committee regarding Aim4peace measurable successes and use of funding.
Ayes: 4 - Curls, Wagner, Reed, Glover
Nays: 0
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