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Last Published: 7/24/2013 9:31:53 AM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:
Presided:1 - JOHN SHARP

Authorizing Trust Indenture Modification No. 3 to the Metropolitan Ambulance Services Trust Indenture to reduce the size of the MAST board of trustees from nine to three members.

William Geary, Law Department, explained the purpose of this ordiance. Since the
Ayes: 4 - Sharp, Reed, Brooks, Taylor
Nays: 0

Enacting a new Section 50-174, Code of Ordinances, entitled “Nuisance businesses and parties” to prohibit owning or operating a nuisance business, causing or permitting a social gathering to become a nuisance party, and failing or refusing to leave the premises of a nuisance business or nuisance party when ordered by a police officer.

Councilman Scott Wagner stated that this ordinance deals with nuisance businesses and parties specifically. He explained the need for the ordinance to deal with neighborhood issues where these businesses and party houses spring up. Until now there has been no way for the Police Department to deal with those issues. Sergeant Dumat, Kansas City Police Department, testified that ordinance change gives his department the necessary components to fight and battle back and help the citizens of the city. Sergeant Dumat answered questions from the committee regarding issues with party houses and how this ordinance deals with licensed businesses. Councilman Wagner explained how this ordinance will deal with party houses. Councilman Sharp suggested changes in the ordinance. Councilman Wagner agreed with the changes. Gary Majors, Regulated Industries, commented on the ordinance and its benefits to the community. There was no public testimony.
Ayes: 4 - Sharp, Reed, Brooks, Taylor
Nays: 0

Amending Section 34-363, Code of Ordinances, entitled “Emergency medical services coordinating committee” to expand the membership and to clarify that regulations promulgated must be consistent with the requirements of the Code of Ordinances.

William Geary, Law Department, gave background information about the Emergency Medical Services Committee. He testified that this ordinance will expand the committee by adding openings for an additional emergency room physician, the Director of the Health Department, and an additional member of the City Council. The ordnance also makes clear that the rules, regulations and protocols that are established by this committee must be consistent with the terms of the article in Sec. b(1). Councilman Sharp had questions regarding who is chair of the committee when the City Manager and his designee are absent. Mr. Geary stated that it is the Fire Chief as stated in the ordinance. Councilman Ed Ford testified in support of this ordinance and stated that he thinks this will be a more balanced committee and that this committee still has to operate under the City Council policy. There was discussion regarding the difficulty of finding someone to fill the position for an emergency room physician. There was no public testimony.
Ayes: 4 - Sharp, Reed, Brooks, Taylor
Nays: 0
 1. East Patrol Division Update, Major Ron Fletcher. Captain Todd Polson, Kansas City Police Department, explained that Major Fletcher was unable to attend the meeting. He thanked the committee for supporting the ordinance regulating party houses. He stated that it is a huge drain on command resources to try to handle those and it takes away from other thing that they need to be doing. The Captain reported in regard to the truancy ordinance that they did a couple of truancy sweeps a couple months ago. They did the sweeps two days in a row. They picked up about 30 people the first day and 28 the second day. Some of the students caught the first day were also caught the second day. There were a few citations of the ordinance that were issued. They are in the process of seeing how they go the judicial system and how the school district handles them. Captain Polson stated that it appears that the school district has everything in place to handle those ordinances. His division is also gearing up for the holidays and they know that some of the property crimes and street robberies will increase. They will increase their patrols in some of the residential areas. Captain Polson encouraged people to let neighbors know and also call the division to let them know they will be out of town so that they can check the house. Councilman Scott Taylor commented on how well the truancy ordinance is working.
 2. There will be a presentation by Gene Shepherd, City Emergency Manager, on the “Lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy”. Gene Shepherd, Office of Emergency Management, spoke about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the nation; damage, loss of life, economic damage, etc. He discussed the major issues; power outages, loss of public transportation in a densely populated area, gas rationing, noncompliance with early evacuation warnings, house fires, hospital evacuations and evacuation of persons with functional and access needs. Athena brought in cold temperatures and snow a week later just as people were starting to recover. Locally, KCPL sent crews to the East coast; Greater Kansas City Red Cross sent 27 personnel, other nongovernment and not-for-profit agencies also sent personnel and supplies. Lessons learned included: 1. The public evacuate as ordered; 2. Personal preparedness; 3. Have cash on hand; 4. Have fuel tanks full; 5. Have a good working relationship with the utility companies. Ms. Shepherd reported that the status of his office. It is fully staffed now. They are making progress on making various plans. They are working with Mid-America Regional Council on two regional plans.
 3. There may be a general discussion regarding current Public Safety & Emergency Services issues. None
 4. Pursuant to the following subsections 610.021 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, there may be a closed session to discuss: Legal matters, litigation or privileged communication with attorneys, pursuant subsection 1; Real Estate, pursuant to subsection 2; Personnel, pursuant to subsection 3 & 13; Sealed bids or proposals, pursuant to subsection 12. No closed session
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