Commending Westside CAN Officers Chato Villalobos and Matthew Tomasic.


WHEREAS, the Westside Community Action Network (Westside CAN Center), a pioneer in community policing, has set the gold standard for innovative and effective crime prevention; and


WHEREAS, the Westside CAN Center, with a vision that sees all people as human beings without regard to country of origin, status or income, in its first year of operation, reduced calls for service on the City's Westside by 57 percent; and

WHEREAS, much of the Westside CAN’s success is due to the dedication of its police officers in building a trust in the diverse Westside community through such programs as the Urban Camp-out, Back to School Pep Rally and school supply drive, graffiti abatement, a Day Labor Center, and weekly visits to neighborhood schools; and


WHEREAS, the Westside CAN has inspired visits by police representatives from Monrovia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, as well as Cincinnati, Las Vegas, and Jupiter, Florida; and


WHEREAS, the KCPD -Westside CAN Center collaboration resulted in the 2009 MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award; and


WHEREAS, the extraordinary achievements of Officers Chato Villalobos and Matthew Tomasic in law enforcement, social justice and community building drew high praise at the 2010 International Association of Police Chiefs Conference; and


WHEREAS, the conference has attracted speaking requests for Officers Chato and Tomasic from across the nation, thus further solidifying Kansas City’s place as a shining star in the community policing galaxy; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council commend Westside CAN Officers Chato Villalobos and Matthew Tomasic; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that a copy hereof be presented to Officers Chato Villalobos and Matthew Tomasic in appreciation of the Mayor and Council for the honor and recognition they have brought to the Westside Can Center, the Westside Community and to the people of Kansas City.