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Legislation #: 060713 Introduction Date: 6/29/2006
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Naming the 27th Street Bridge at Paseo Boulevard the “Herman A. Johnson Bridge.”

Legislation History
6/28/2006 Filed by the Clerk's office
6/29/2006 Referred to Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee
7/5/2006 Hold On Agenda (7/26/2006)
8/2/2006 Hold On Agenda (8/9/2006)
8/9/2006 Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute
8/10/2006 Adopted as Substituted

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Naming the 27th Street Bridge at Paseo Boulevard the Herman A. Johnson Bridge.


WHEREAS, Herman A. Johnson lived in Kansas City, Missouri for more than 65 years and in the vicinity of 27th and The Paseo Streets for more than 50 years; and


WHEREAS, Herman A. Johnson served this country during World War II as a Tuskegee Airman in the U.S. Army, thus following in the patriotic footsteps of his father, Henry Johnson, who was a World War I hero and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.; and


WHEREAS, Herman A. Johnson represented Kansas City, Missouri in the Missouri general Assembly House of Representatives from 1968-1972; and


WHEREAS, Herman A. Johnson, while serving as President of the Kansas City, Missouri Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) during the Civil rights Movement of the 1960s worked tirelessly with many organizations for public accommodation laws, equal employment opportunities, better housing and an end to police brutality; and


WHEREAS, Herman A. Johnson was a Bridge Over Troubled Waters during the time when African Americans were not welcome as members at the Kansas City Club, Real Estate Board, Chamber of Commerce, nor as law students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and he helped to change these injustices and was an insider, highly respected in all ethnic communities; and


WHEREAS, Herman A. Johnson lived in the heart of the city and fought hard for his neighborhoods revitalization and prosperity and was an entrepreneur who owned a cemetery, real estate and insurance company and at the time of his death was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Douglass National Bank; and


WHEREAS, Herman A. Johnson was a gentleman extraordinaire, a man for all seasons and in his latter years, with vigor fought black-on-black crime, joblessness, bigotry, poverty and fleecing of the elderly; and


WHEREAS, it is most appropriate that this gentleman, who did so much for our City, be honored by the City that he loved; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the 27th Street Bridge at Paseo Boulevard be officially named the Herman A. Johnson Bridge.


Section 2. That the City Manager is directed to have appropriate signage installed to display the name of the bridge.