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Legislation #: 100987 Introduction Date: 11/18/2010
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 11/28/2010
Title: Establishing state legislative priorities and positions for matters before the 2011 session of the Missouri General Assembly.

Legislation History
11/18/2010 Filed by the Clerk's office
11/18/2010 Immediate Adoption
11/18/2010 Councilmember Sharp Move to Amend
11/18/2010 Adopted as Amended

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Establishing state legislative priorities and positions for matters before the 2011 session of the Missouri General Assembly.


WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly will convene on January 5, 2011; and


WHEREAS, the City has engaged in a process which has identified priorities and positions on matters expected to come before the General Assembly; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. MAJOR PRIORITIES. That the following legislative priorities, listed in alphabetical order, are established for the 2011 session of the Missouri General Assembly:


Economic Development – Capital Improvements. Support state funding for major public capital improvement projects that benefit the Kansas City region such as upgrades to U.S. 71 Highway to allow its conversion to interstate highway status.


Economic Development – Child Care Funding. Increase Missouri’s low eligibility limits for child care assistance which are among the lowest in the nation and which force many working parents to turn down raises or promotions to maintain child care assistance.


Economic Development – Continuation of State Funding. Continue state funding for all current state TIF and MODESA line items in the budget for designated Kansas City projects, Bartle Hall convention facilities, the Jackson County Sports Complex, and other state services that impact the quality of life in Kansas City such as grants and loans to upgrade water and sewer systems, higher education, mental health, the Missouri Arts Council and public health.


Economic Development – Convention Hotel. Support currently available programs or incentives that could provide necessary state assistance for development of a convention hotel with approximately 1,000 rooms.


Economic Development – Data Centers. Establish a sales tax exemption for data centers.


Economic Development – Guiding Principles for Reforms. Support the Guiding Principles for Economic Development Incentive Reforms developed by area business and economic development leaders.


Economic Development – Life Sciences. Oppose all legislation that would restrict the development of the life sciences in Missouri, including proposals to limit Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer research, aimed at developing more effective therapies and cures for disease and disability.


Economic Development – MOSIRA. Enact the Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act.


Economic Development – New Incentives. Develop new economic development incentives to allow western Missouri to compete on a level playing field with Kansas for jobs, including provisions to create a deal-closing fund to provide up-front or start-up financing for business attraction, growth and retention.


Economic Development – Preserve Chapter 99. Oppose any efforts to restrict the economic development tools in Chapter 99, RSMo.


Economic Development – Quality Jobs Tax Credits. Lower the job and investment thresholds for job retention projects to qualify for Missouri Quality Jobs Tax Credits.


Economic Development – Show Me Small Business Act. Enact the Show Me Small Business Act to authorize the reduction or elimination of sales taxes for a limited period of time in blighted areas.


Economic Development – Tax Credits. Retain Brownfield Jobs and Investment, Development, Enhanced Enterprise Zone, Film Production, Historic Preservation, Low Income Housing, Missouri Build, Missouri Quality Jobs, Neighborhood Assistance and New Markets tax credits.


Governance – Local Control. Oppose any efforts to undermine local control for Kansas City.


Public Transportation – KCATA Funding. Restore public transit funding for the KCATA that was appropriated, but later withheld, during the current fiscal year.


Taxation – Shared Data. Support allowing Kansas City to utilize state sales tax data to assist in the collection of its convention and tourism taxes, earnings and profits taxes and business license fees.


Section 2. ADDITIONAL PRIORITIES AND POSITIONS. That the City adopts the following additional important priorities and positions, listed in alphabetical order, on matters that may come before the 2011 session of the General Assembly:


Consumer Protection – Predatory Lending. Support setting a reasonable interest rate cap on payday, title, refund anticipation and other short-term loans such as the current 36% federal cap on interest rates on such loans for military families.


Consumer Protection – Foreclosure Mediation. Enact mandatory foreclosure mediation legislation to require good faith negotiations to modify mortgage terms before families are forced from their homes through foreclosure.


Consumer Protection – Real Estate. Support new legislation that would require recording of all instruments that effect the titles of real property, and would require signature acceptance of deeds.


Consumer Protection - Sales Tax Refunds. Enact legislation to require vendors who receive sales tax refunds to return such refunds to their customers.


Education – Bonding Authority. Support submitting a constitutional amendment to Missouri voters to increase the limit for school districts’ bonding capacity.


Education – Foundation Formula. Support full funding of the school foundation formula and modification of the formula to provide greater weighting for students participating in the English as a second language, free and reduced lunch and special education programs.


Education – Parents as Teachers and A+ Programs. Restore past funding reductions in the Parents as Teachers program and oppose any further funding reductions for the Parents as Teachers and A+ programs.


Employee Benefits – Police Department Retirement Plans. Support recommended revisions in the Police Department’s police and civilian employee retirement plans.


Governance – Advance Voting. Enact legislation to authorize advance voting in Missouri to facilitate higher voter turnout.


Governance – Sovereign Immunity. Amend Chapter 537, RSMo, to limit the City’s liability under the sovereign immunity exemptions to prevent holding the City liable for alleged tortious actions of the Kansas City Police Department.


Health – Children’s Health Insurance. Support a streamlined enrollment procedure (express lane eligibility) for eligible children in MO HealthNet’s Children’s Health Insurance Program.


Health – Court Fees. Enact legislation to redirect the current $7.00 fee in Kansas City Municipal Court for the costs of operating special mental health, drug and veteran’s courts and for indigent defense.


Health - Domestic Violence Fatality Review Boards. Enact enabling legislation to allow communities to establish Domestic Violence Fatality Review Boards to establish best practices to minimize instances of fatal domestic violence.


Health – 9-1-1 Funding. Support a state surcharge on wireless phone bills to help fund 9-1-1 services as is currently done in all the other 49 states.


Health – Public Access AED Usage. Enact legislation to encourage the public’s use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) by providing protection from liability for members of the public who utilize AEDs to render emergency care.


Health – Safe Driving. Enact a primary seat belt law, a texting ban for drivers of all ages and a ban on cell phone use by young and inexperienced drivers with graduated drivers’ licenses and maintain the current motorcycle helmet law.


Health – Smoking Cessation. Support legislation to significantly increase the excise tax on tobacco products.


Neighborhoods – Land Banks. Support enabling legislation to allow Kansas City to establish a land bank to take ownership of vacant, abandoned and foreclosed properties.


Transportation – Assaults on Transit Operators. Support legislation to make assault on a transit operator, supervisor or official an automatic felony.


Transportation – Complete Streets. Require the Department of Transportation to provide thorough consideration of the needs of motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, the elderly and the disabled when designing highways and bridges.


Transportation – Regional Trails. Enact enabling legislation to allow area counties to seek voter approval to establish a regional trail system and a sales tax to fund trails and related facilities as is currently done in the St. Louis area.