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Legislation #: 100157 Introduction Date: 2/25/2010
Type: Special Action Effective Date: 3/7/2010
Title: Honoring UMKC Law School’s Negotiation Team.

Legislation History
2/22/2010 Filed by the Clerk's office
2/25/2010 Adopted

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Honoring UMKC Law School’s Negotiation Team.


WHEREAS, the University of Missouri-Kansas City American Bar Association Law Student Negotiation team participated in the National Finals the weekend of February 6-7, 2010, in Orlando, Florida; and

WHEREAS, the competition simulates legal negotiations in which law students, acting as lawyers, negotiate a series of legal problems; and

WHEREAS, the simulations consist of a common set of facts known by all participants and confidential information known only to the participants representing a particular side. All simulations deal with the same general topic, but the negotiation situation varies with each round and level of competition; and


WHEREAS, UMKC’s Negotiating Team consists of two, two-person teams that include Sam Burnett, Jannelle Tanganyika, Jennifer Kolbusz, and Janet Martinez, with both teams finishing in the top 16 teams from an original field of 215 law school teams; and


WHEREAS, the team was supported by Kevin Brown, Patrick Guinness, Nick Hoffman, and Tyler Knott who served as fully prepared and outstanding alternates; and

WHEREAS, two dedicated professors, Robert Downs and Tony Luppino, provided expert guidance and have led multiple UMKC Negotiating Teams to success at regional and national competitions; and

WHEREAS, Alumni members Jeff Maloney and Brent Lagergren, who competed in the past, continue to contribute time and expertise in the preparation for competition; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby honor UMKC Law School’s Negotiation Team; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that a copy hereof be presented to the UMKC Law School’s Negotiation team with the sincere congratulations of the Mayor, Council and that of the people of Kansas City to the UMKC American Bar Association Law Student Negotiation Team and its coaches and supporters for their hard work, success and excellent representation of the UMKC Law School.