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Legislation #: 910676 Introduction Date: 5/30/1991
Type: Special Action Effective Date: 5/30/1991
Title: Honoring Fire Department personnel who have received citations for valor, bravery or distinguished service, and citizens, John O. Madgett, Eric Shoats and Ms. Valissa Smith.

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Honoring Fire Department personnel who have received citations for valor, bravery or distinguished service, and citizens, John O. Madgett, Eric Shoats and Ms. Valissa Smith.


WHEREAS, the Meritorious Awards Committee of the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department grants awards for acts performed by individuals in circumstances involving extreme personal risk Captain Dennis K. Rapp and Fire Fighter Jeffrey A. Kinnison were given the Valor Award for their rescue efforts, under the most perilous conditions, when their fellow fire fighter was trapped in the burning basement of a heavily involved residence, after the floor collapsed; and


WHEREAS, the Committee granted the Bravery Award to:


Captain Charles J. Gabert


for his act of courage beyond the ordinary call of duty in the rescue of a citizen from the 2nd floor of an apartment house; and


WHEREAS, upon receiving reports of meritorious acts, the Committee granted Distinguished Service Awards to:


Captain Kenneth McFarland

Captain Michel T. Walker

Fire Apparatus Operator John P. Ellis

Fire Apparatus Operator Gregory A. Germann

Fire Apparatus Operator Michael R. Loman

Fire Apparatus Operator Frank R. Marsalla

Fire Apparatus Operator Sherwood L. Smith

Fire Fighter William E. Howell

Fire Fighter Robert D. Hays

Fire Fighter Charles B. Inzerillo, Jr.

Fire Fighter Burton W. Justice


for services of an outstanding nature which reflect credit on the fire service as a profession, either in terms of said members contributions to the public, or in terms of such contributions being jointly to the Fire Department and the public, such activities in the above instances ranging from saving of human life through the teaching and application of emergency medical training and rescuing victims from smoke filled buildings under adverse conditions to outstanding performance demonstrating above average dedication to one's job; and


WHEREAS, John O. Madgett and KCTV5's Valissa Smith were granted an award of Community Distinguished Service for their acts of dedicated service in Fire Education; and


WHEREAS, citizen, Eric Shoats, age 7 years was granted the award of Community Civilian Distinguished Service for bravely entering his residence, which was on fire, and proceeding to the second floor where he awakened, Robin Young and her two young children so that they might escape the impending danger; NOW THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby express, for themselves and on behalf of the people of Kansas City, deep and sincere appreciation for the acts of Valor, Bravery and Distinguished Service and commend each of honorees upon their receipt of these awards; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Resolution be spread upon the minutes of the Council in testimony thereof, and that a copy hereof be furnished to each of the honorees, as an expression of the admiration and appreciation felt by the Mayor, Council and people of Kansas City, Missouri for the activities and services which prompted these awards for Valor, Bravery and Distinguished Service.