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Legislation #: 200143 Introduction Date: 2/13/2020
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Adopting the 2018 Urban Forest Master Plan and directing the City Manager to identify a funding strategy to implement the Plan’s recommendations.

Legislation History
2/13/2020 Filed by the Clerk's office
2/19/2020 Hold On Agenda (2/26/2020)
2/26/2020 Hold On Agenda (3/4/2020)
3/4/2020 Hold On Agenda (3/18/2020)
3/18/2020 Hold On Agenda (4/1/2020)
4/1/2020 Hold On Agenda (4/8/2020)
4/8/2020 Hold On Agenda (5/6/2020)
2/13/2020 Referred to F & G and T & I Joint Committee
5/12/2020 Be Adopted
5/14/2020 Assigned to Third Read Calendar
5/21/2020 Adopted

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Testimony - KC for Safe Street 5.7.2020.msg Other 111K Testiony - KC for Safe Streets
Testimony - Shawn Tolivar 5.7.2020.msg Other 107K Testimony - Shawn Tolivar
Public Testimony in Support of Resolution #200143 (Urban Forest Master Plan).msg Other 126K Testimony - Michael Kelley

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Adopting the 2018 Urban Forest Master Plan and directing the City Manager to identify a funding strategy to implement the Plan’s recommendations.


WHEREAS, the City’s Environmental Management Commission is appointed by the Mayor to recommend strategic responses to environmental issues; and


WHEREAS, climate change, which is projected to rapidly increase the City's average temperatures over the next several decades, to a climate more like of Houston or northern Mexico is one of the most pressing issues facing Kansas City; and


WHEREAS, the City is projected to be among the top five cities in America most powerfully impacted by, and most vulnerable to, climate change as a result of the urban heat island effect; and


WHEREAS, the number of days reaching over 100 degrees in the City is expected to increase, up to as many as 90 days annually, with more drastic flooding and droughts that will have the greatest impact on our most vulnerable populations in terms of age, income and health; and

WHEREAS, while the City may not be able to stop climate change entirely, there are vitally important strategies we can undertake now to avert worst case scenarios, and make the City more livable in a hotter climate; and


WHEREAS, a leading strategy is to conserve and restore one of our most valuable natural resources, our urban forest with a healthy and abundant urban tree canopy; and


WHEREAS, trees can cool the City by as much as ten degrees on a given day, thereby reducing air conditioning bills and possibly saving lives as well as absorb rainfall and air pollution and contribute dozens of other benefits ranging from reduced crime to increased real estate values to measurable improvements in the happiness and pulmonary health of our citizens; and


WHEREAS, despite the benefits trees offer, the City’s canopy is currently in rapid decline, ravaged by age, disease, and weather, and neglected by inadequate funding which has resulted in some of the most iconic and visible areas of our City having relatively few trees to shade and cool the pavement and beautify vistas; and


WHEREAS, the City’s tree ordinances are lax, and those which are on the books are not enforced and the strategies approved by the City Council in the Climate Protection Plan, including planting of 120,000 trees, that have never been funded nor acted upon; and


WHEREAS, two years ago, the City convened a large group of citizens called Tree Champions, led by the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, Bridging The Gap, the City’s Office of Environmental Quality, and the Mid America Regional Council who, with the help of a national consultant, the Davey Group, have formulated an Urban Forest Master Plan for Kansas City; and


WHEREAS, the Environmental Management Commission has reviewed this plan, finds it sound, and recommends strongly that it be adopted by City Council, with funding to carry it out; NOW, THEREFORE,


Section 1. That the Mayor and Council hereby approve and adopt the 2018 Urban Forest Master Plan for Kansas City, Missouri for the purpose of promoting, preserving and creating a sustainable urban forest for the benefit of all residents of the City.  

Section 2. That the City Manager is directed to identify a funding strategy to implement the Plan’s recommendations and report back to City Council within sixty (60) days of the adoption of this Resolution.