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Legislation #: 100692 Introduction Date: 8/19/2010
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: 9/9/2010
Title: Establishing the 2011 GO Bond Fund; estimating and appropriating $20,213,500.00 from the anticipated sale of general obligation bonds; designating requisitioning authority; and recognizing an emergency.

Legislation History
8/19/2010 Filed by the Clerk's office
8/19/2010 Referred to Finance and Audit Committee
8/25/2010 Advance and Do Pass as a Committee Substitute, Debate
8/26/2010 Councilmember Hermann Move to Amend
8/26/2010 Passed as Substituted and Amended

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Establishing the 2011 GO Bond Fund; estimating and appropriating $20,213,500.00 from the anticipated sale of general obligation bonds; designating requisitioning authority; and recognizing an emergency.


WHEREAS, Resolution No. 100446 was adopted by the City Council on June 3, 2010, which authorized the sale of General Obligation Bonds in the amount of $67.3 million; and


WHEREAS, Resolution No. 100446 allocated $24 million for infrastructure improvements as recommended by the Public Improvements Advisory Committee, with each City Council district receiving $4 million; and


WHEREAS, the Public Improvements Advisory Committee approved their recommended infrastructure improvements on August 6th; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That Fund No. 3397, 2011 GO Bond Fund, is established in the records of the City of Kansas City, MO.


Section 2. That revenue in the following account of the 2011 GO Bond Fund is estimated in the following amount:


AL-3397-120000-590000 Proceeds from Sale of Bonds $20,213,500.00


Section 3. That the sum of $20,213,500.00 is appropriated from the Unappropriated Fund Balance of the 2011 GO Bond Fund to the following account in the 2011 GO Bond Fund:




AL-3397-707500-B-70110004 Kansas City Zoo $ 2,500,000.00


Council District 1


AL-3397-898931-B-89005542 NE Indiana-55th to Gladstone $ 1,500,000.00

AL-3397-898911-B-89008157 N. Bennington-Parvin to NE 48th 1,000,000.00

AL-3397-708991-B-70082340 Maplewoods Parkway Streetlights 200,000.00

AL-3397-898107-B-89008175 N. Garfield-NE 32nd to Rock Creek

Drive 400,000.00

AL-3397-898105-B-89003855 Garney Park/Neighborhood Drainage 50,000.00

AL-3397-808105-B-82000155 Garney Park/Neighborhood Drainage 50,000.00

AL-3397-078102-B-07000190 KC Museum 100,000.00

AL-3397-708109-B-70114917 Woodbrook Park 350,000.00

AL-3397-708109-B-70114918 Maple Park 200,000.00

AL-3397-708109-B-70104914 San Rafael Park 150,000.00 TOTAL $ 4,000,000.00


Council District 2


AL-3397-898912-B-89008091 N. Congress-73rd St. to MO-9 600,000.00

AL-3397-898201-B-89020083 88th St./Rte. 152 Trail & Rd.

Completion 380,000.00

AL-3397-898201-B-89008160 Northwood Rd. 225,000.00

AL-3397-898201-B-89008219 Platte Purchase-76th to Barry Rd. 50,000.00

AL-3397-898204-B-89020160 Freedom Mall 150,000.00

AL-3397-708992-B-70082340 MapleWoods Pkwy Street Lights 200,000.00

AL-3397-638204-B-63009996 Allis Plaza Fountain Repair 50,000.00

AL-3397-898201-B-89009996 13th & 14th – Balt. to Wyandotte Scp 200,000.00

AL-3397-898201-B-89009996 McGee 2-Way 150,000.00

AL-3397-808205-B-82000155 Garney Park/Neighborhood Drainage 50,000.00

AL-3397-898205-B-89003855 Garney Park/Neighborhood Drainage 50,000.00

TOTAL $ 2,105,000.00


Council District 3


AL-3397-898307-B-89060290 3700 and 3800 Blocks of Forest $ 348,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060291 Hardesty Ave.-Truman to 17th/16th

Only 330,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060292 9th St.-Paseo to Forest (North/South

Sides) 265,500.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060293 2800 Block of Tracy Ave. 235,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060294 3300 & 3400 blocks of Flora 216,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060295 1500 block of Bristol 202,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060296 2800 E. 8th St. 192,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060297 1911 E. 23rd St. 191,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060298 29th & Flora 189,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060299 E. 30th St. & Indiana Ave. 188,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060300 30th & Highland 181,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060301 2500 and 2600 Blocks of College 180,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060302 35th St. from Chestnut to Prospect 180,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060303 1222-1224 Wabash 151,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060304 Walrond-24th to 27th 144,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060305 Indiana-12th to 13th 133,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060306 12th St-College to Indiana 131,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060307 33rd and Kensington Ave. 130,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060308 4610 E. 24th St. 110,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060309 Buck O’Neil Bldg-18th & Paseo 100,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060310 3000 block of Indiana 95,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060311 24th St.-Chelsea to Lister & Lawn 80,000.00

AL-3397-898307-B-89060312 Blue Valley Industrial Area 28,500.00

TOTAL $ 4,000,000.00


Council District 4


AL-3397-898401-B-89060313 Main Street Streetscape 1,030,000.00

AL-3397-708409-B-70114906 Sheila Kemper Dietrich Park 250,000.00

AL-3397-708409-B-70094036 Triangle Park 50,000.00

AL-3397-708409-B-70112204 Broadway Streetscape-Armour to

39th 450,000.00

AL-3397-708407-B-70112205 Cleaver II between Main and Oak 280,000.00

AL-3397-708407-B-70112206 Broadway North of 31st 160,000.00

AL-3397-708407-B-70114919 West Plaza Island 25,000.00

AL-3397-708409-B-70114920 Observation Park Field 75,000.00

AL-3397-708409-B-70114921 Observation Park Stone Walls 200,000.00

AL-3397-898407-B-89060318 Holmes-22nd & 23rd 120,000.00

AL-3397-708409-B-70114907 Triangle Park-Zahner Sculpture 15,000.00

AL-3397-708407-B-70112207 29th from Wyandotte to Penn Valley

Dr. 197,500.00

AL-3397-898401-B-89004207 Restripe Crosswalks 100,000.00

AL-3397-708409-B-70115201 Cleanup of 39th & Gillham Site 150,000.00

AL-3397-708409-B-70114922 Mulkey Park Wall/Fence Repairs 150,000.00

AL-3397-898407-B-89060314 63rd St. Improvements 356,000.00

TOTAL $ 3,608,500.00


Council District 6


AL-3397-708609-B-70090007 Longview Aquatics $ 2,842,000.00

AL-3397-898609-B-89020158 Hickman Mills School to KCSRR 175,000.00

AL-3397-898607-B-89060315 Holmes-85th to 89th St. 400,000.00

AL-3397-898607-B-89060316 Walnut-133rd to 134th St. 221,000.00

AL-3397-898607-B-89060317 Holmes Rd.-89th to Polo Run 200,000.00

AL-3397-898601-B-89008020 135th St. Roadway Improvements 100,000.00

AL-3397-898601-B-89020159 90th Terr. Btw. Blue Ridge & James

A. Reed 12,000.00

AL-3397-808605-B-82000156 135th St. Drainage Improvements 50,000.00

TOTAL $ 4,000,000.00


Section 4. That the Director of Public Works is designated as requisitioning authority for the following accounts in the 2011 GO Bond Fund: 898105, 898107, 898201, 898204, 898307, 898401, 898407, 898601, 898607, 898609.

Section 5. That the Director of Parks and Recreation is designated as requisitioning authority for the following accounts in the 2011 GO Bond Fund: 708109, 708409, 708609.


Section 6. That the Director of the Capital Projects Office is designated as requisitioning authority for the following accounts in the 2011 GO Bond Fund: 707500, 708991, 708992, 898911, 898912, 898931.


Section 7. That the Director of Water Services is designated as requisitioning authority for the following accounts in the 2011 GO Bond Fund: 808105, 808205, 808605.


Section 8. That the Director of General Services is designated as requisitioning authority for the following account in the 2011 GO Bond Fund: 078102.


Section 9. That pursuant to the authority granted by Section 814, "Special Assessments" and Section 818, "Abatement and reduction in valuation" of the Charter, the Council hereby determines that the Director of Public Works shall have no authority to cause special assessments to be issued or levied for any curb and sidewalk project funded herein, and that no actions to collect or enforce payment of any special assessment mistakenly issued or levied for any curb and sidewalk project funded herein shall be pursued and no liens shall result.


Section 10. That the City expects to make capital expenditures in connection with the projects to be financed and hereby declares its official intent to reimburse itself for certain expenditures made within 60 days prior to or on and after the date of this ordinance with the proceeds of the bonds. The maximum principal amount of obligations expected to be financed for the projects is $20,300,000.00. This constitutes a declaration of official intent under Treasury Regulation 1.150-2.

Section 11. That this ordinance is recognized as an emergency measure within the provisions of Section 503 of the City Charter in that it appropriates money, and shall take effect in accordance with that section.



I hereby certify that there is a balance, otherwise unencumbered, to the credit of the appropriation to which the foregoing expenditure is to be charged, and a cash balance, otherwise unencumbered, in the treasury, to the credit of the fund from which payment is to be made, each sufficient to meet the obligation hereby incurred.




Randall J. Landes

Director of Finance


Approved as to form and legality:




William Geary

Assistant City Attorney