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Legislation #: 121066 Introduction Date: 12/20/2012
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: 1/27/2013
Sponsor: None
Title: Releasing and abating a certain special tax assessment issued by the City upon property owned by Swope Community Builders at 3200 Brighton Avenue.

Legislation History
12/18/2012 Filed by the Clerk's office
12/20/2012 Referred to Finance, Governance & Ethics Committee
1/9/2013 Do Pass
1/10/2013 Assigned to Third Read Calendar
1/17/2013 Passed

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Releasing and abating a certain special tax assessment issued by the City upon property owned by Swope Community Builders at 3200 Brighton Avenue.


WHEREAS, Swope Community Builders (“Swope”) obtained property located at 3200-3218 Brighton Avenue (“Property”) after pursuing the previous owner, Arrowhead Village, LLC, in an Abandoned Housing Act lawsuit aimed at remedying the nuisance caused by five large dilapidated apartment buildings, trash and debris on the Property; and


  WHEREAS, Swope obtained the Property on September 21, 2010; and


WHEREAS, in June of 2012, a contractor hired by the City demolished the five apartment buildings and cleared the trash and debris from the Property; and


WHEREAS, the total cost assessed for the demolition, asbestos, trash and debris abatement work was $345,587.00; and


WHEREAS, Swope has paid 50% of the cost totaling $172,793.50, which payment is reflected in Special Assessment No. 77099 and was paid on August 1, 2012; and


WHEREAS, Swope plans to develop the Property; and  


WHEREAS, the abatement of the nuisance caused by the dangerous buildings, trash and debris on the Property, along with Swope’s plan to redevelop the Property, will greatly benefit the public, the surrounding properties, the Boulevard Village Neighborhood and the Knoches Park Neighborhood; and


WHEREAS, the City Council believes it would be in the best interest of the City to discharge and waive collection of the special assessment tax bill to allow Swope to continue with their plan to redevelop the Property; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the Council hereby determines that a public benefit would be gained by the discharge of special tax assessment 77098 (Assessment No. 6353520) in the original principal amount of $172,793.50, issued on August 1, 2012, upon the property located at 3200 Brighton Avenue, owned by Swope Community Builders, with Jackson County Parcel No. 28-830-16-03-00-0-00-000, and legally described as:


Oakwood, Lots 63-69 & 116-122 & vac alley & vac 33rd Street & E 1/2 vac Poplar Avenue lying west and adjacent Lots 116-122 (Known as Tract 1 Cert Sur T-36 PG-86), a subdivision in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.


Section 2. That the Council, pursuant to the authority of Section 818 of the City Charter to release a tax burden as otherwise provided by law, does hereby release, abate and discharge the special assessment tax bill, including all accrued interest, penalties and costs thereon.




Approved as to form and legality:




Jesse Sendejas

Assistant City Attorney