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Legislation #: 910692 Introduction Date: 5/30/1991
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Amending the Standing Rules of the City Council relating to committee meetings by repealing Rule 8 and adopting a new rule of similar subject matter.

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Amending the Standing Rules of the City Council relating to committee meetings by repealing Rule 8 and adopting a new rule of similar subject matter.




Section A. That the Standing Rules of the City Council are hereby amended by repealing Rule 8 thereof and adopting a new rule of similar subject matter, said rule to read as follows:


Rule 8. Committees, Meetings.


(a) Evening Meeting. The standing committees shall meet in regular session on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in locations to be determined by the committee chairman in each councilmanic district. The monthly evening meeting shall be rotated each month among the councilmanic districts so that it shall be held no more than two (2) times per year in any one councilmanic district.


(b) Weekday Meetings. Except as provided in subsection (a) above, and except for zoning ordinances, where meetings may be set at any time after proper publication of notice, the following standing committees shall hold regular public hearings on ordinances and resolutions referred to them by the President of the Council at 2:00 p.m. each Tuesday afternoon as follows:


Finance Committee, Room F, 25th Floor, City Hall


Operations and Aviation Committee, Room D, 25th Floor, City Hall


Plans and Zoning Committee, Council Chamber, 26th Floor, City Hall



Provided, however, that such hearings may be held at such other times and places as such committee may deem necessary for any cause, upon reasonable notice of such times and places as set out in Rule 9-A, and by notice posted at the entrance or in the City Clerk's office, or by public announcement at a meeting of the Council, or by both such posted notice and announcements. Committees may hold special public hearings on pending ordinances and resolutions, having first given like notice of the time and place of such meeting.


The Rules and Audit Committee shall meet at least twice monthly at a time designated by the committee.


Three members of a standing committee shall constitute a quorum. The Chair of a committee may appoint a temporary committee member if required for a quorum. Upon a vote of the majority of the committee present at a meeting, each ordinance or resolution referred to a committee shall be reported out "Do Pass", "Do Not Pass", or "Without Recommendation".


The Chairman of each committee shall maintain order, allowing only one person to address the committee at a time. The Committee Chairman may require the Clerk to send a secretary to the committee room to take notes and assist the committee in making changes in ordinances or resolutions that may be desired during the course of a meeting so that these may be transmitted to the City Manager and the City Attorney. The Chairman may call upon the City Attorney, City Manager or any department head for advice or technical assistance in dealing with problems before the committee.


Prior to all committee meetings, the City Manager shall issue to each department head a notice of Council action, advising the department head of the date that is set for the hearing of the matter involving his department and requesting that he or his designate be prepared to discuss the subject before the committee.