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Legislation #: 050022 Introduction Date: 1/6/2005
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
Sponsor: None
Title: Authorizing an Indemnification Agreement running with the land between Dean Realty Company and Kansas City, in connection with construction of three retaining walls over and across the sewer located within the easement in the area of State Line Road and Bi-State Drive.

Legislation History
1/5/2005 Filed by the Clerk's office
1/6/2005 Referred to Operations Committee
1/12/2005 Do Pass
1/13/2005 Add to Consent Docket
1/20/2005 Passed

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050022.pdf Authenticated 35K Authenticated
Indemnification Fact Sheet 123004.xls Fact Sheet 79K Indemnification Fact Sheet

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