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Legislation #: 070943 Introduction Date: 8/30/2007
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: 9/30/2007
Title: Accepting the recommendations of the citizens’ task force on economic development and incentives; enacting an economic development and incentive policy for the City and thanking the task force members for their hard work.

Legislation History
8/30/2007 Filed by the Clerk's office
8/30/2007 Referred to Finance and Audit Committee
9/5/2007 Hold On Agenda (9/12/2007)
9/12/2007 Hold On Agenda (9/19/2007)
9/19/2007 Advance and Do Pass as a Committee Substitute, Debate
9/20/2007 Passed as Substituted

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TaskForce_Final Recommendations.pdf Exhibit 1045K Exhibit A - Task Force Final Recommendations
070943.pdf Authenticated 98K Authenticated
fact sheet.xls Advertise Notice 22K fact sheet
Public Testimony_Final.pdf Other 80K public testimony
Cover Sheet_TaskForce_Final Recommendations.pdf Other 47K cover sheet for task force recommendations

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Accepting the recommendations of the citizens task force on economic development and incentives; enacting an economic development and incentive policy for the City and thanking the task force members for their hard work.


WHEREAS, the Council adopted Resolution No. 060723 on May 31, 2007, which established a citizens task force to develop and recommend an economic development and incentive policy for the City, as required by Section 807 of the Charter; and


WHEREAS, the task force was comprised of a group of diverse leaders from the City Council and business, neighborhood, education and nonprofit sectors; and

WHEREAS, the task force, fueled by bottled water and cookies, met throughout the hot summer months at locations all over the City, holding business meetings and seeking public input regarding an incentive and development policy; and

WHEREAS, under the leadership of Bill Haw, the group adeptly sidestepped all temptation, including the tendency to endless wordsmith the task force report; and


WHEREAS, the task force was able to focus on elements of shared vision, rather than differing points of view; and


WHEREAS, the task force held its final meeting on August 29, 2007, and presented its recommendations to the Council on August 30, 2007; and


WHEREAS, the Council has reviewed the recommendations of the task force and desires to enact the policy presented by the task force as the Citys economic development and incentive policy; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the Council hereby accepts the recommendations of the citizens task force on economic development and incentives and enacts the policy submitted by the task force as the citys economic development and incentive policy. The approved policy is attached as Exhibit A to this ordinance.


Section 2. That the Council states that the policy enacted herein is an expression of intent of the City Council regarding the use of economic incentives and is not to be construed as granting any rights or expectations to any developer, agency, taxing jurisdiction, or citizen with regard to any particular project or process. Within the bounds of applicable law, the Council retains its full authority to use its best reasonable discretion in considering applications for public economic incentives.

Section 3. The Council states its intention to adopt an implementation plan for the policy which will clarify and refine the economic development and incentive processes and harmonize the policy with applicable law. The implementation plan will address such areas as the replacement of housing stock, competition for development, the citizens advisory committee, first movers, application intake and review, the promotion of opportunities for education, updating the policy from time to time, and other areas as deemed necessary by the Council.


Section 4. That the Council hereby thanks the members of the task force, namely:


Bill Haw, Chairman Linwood Tauheed, Vice-Chair


Joe Arce Jim Bowers Bob Berkebile

Bernardo Ramirez James Rice Berta Sailor

Jeff Simon Nancy Seelen Paul Tyler

A. Marie Young Lance Conley Carol McClure

Deb Hermann Ed Ford Melba Curls

Beth Gottstein Terry Riley John Sharp


for their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm in serving on the task force and extends its gratitude for the valuable contributions of the task force to the citizens of Kansas City.




Approved as to form and legality:





Heather A. Brown

Assistant City Attorney