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Legislation #: 200283 Introduction Date: 4/16/2020
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
Sponsor: None
Title: Approving and authorizing settlement of a claim by Kansas City Intermodal LLC.

Legislation History
4/14/2020 Filed by the Clerk's office
4/16/2020 Referred to Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee
4/22/2020 Advance and Do Pass, Consent
4/23/2020 Passed

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Authenticated Ordinance 200283.pdf Authenticated 46K Authenticated Ordinance
200283 fact sheet-Kansas City Intermodal.pdf Fact Sheet 24K fact sheet
200283 fiscal note-kansas city intermodal.pdf Other 40K Fiscal Note

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Approving and authorizing settlement of a claim by Kansas City Intermodal LLC.


WHEREAS, on October 6, 2018, operational problems at the Turkey Creek pump station resulted in flooding which damaged Kansas City Intermodal LLC's property; and


WHEREAS, the City Council passed Ordinance No. 190123, which authorized partial settlement of a claim by Kansas City Intermodal LLC; and


WHEREAS, an additional $54,939.55 is required to finalize the settlement, increasing the total settlement amount to $156,410.92, and requiring City Council approval; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the payment of the additional sum of $54,939.55 in settlement of the claim of Kansas City Intermodal LLC, Claim No. T1819-0710, as recommended by the City Attorney and the Risk Management Committee, is hereby approved.


Section 2. That the City Attorney is hereby authorized to pay the additional sum of $54,939.55 in settlement of this claim from funds previously appropriated in Account No. 20-1010-131524-B, Sewer-General Liability Claims.




I hereby certify that there is a balance, otherwise unencumbered, to the credit of the appropriation to which the foregoing expenditure is to be charged, and a cash balance, otherwise unencumbered, in the treasury, to the credit of the fund from which payment is to be made, each sufficient to meet the obligation hereby incurred.




Tammy L. Queen

Director of Finance


Approved as to form and legality:




Alisa N. Chambers

Assistant City Attorney