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Legislation #: 050418 Introduction Date: 4/7/2005
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Recognizing an emergency within the City of Kansas City, Missouri due to homicides and adopting a 13 point plan to reduce violence and crime this summer.

Legislation History
4/7/2005 Filed by the Clerk's office
4/7/2005 Councilmember Nash Move to Amend
4/7/2005 Adopted as Amended

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Recognizing an emergency within the City of Kansas City, Missouri due to homicides and adopting a 13 point plan to reduce violence and crime this summer.


WHEREAS, Kansas City, Missouri has had an unprecedented number of 32 homicides reported this year from January 1 through April 7, primarily occurring in the 3rd District; and


WHEREAS, the Council believes that community awareness of this horrendous epidemic must be heightened so that community-based organizations, neighborhood groups, all faith-based units, businesses and individuals can respond in a swift and strategic manner; and


WHEREAS, a 13 point plan has been developed which must be adopted, discussed, initiated and expanded in order to reduce the death rate of the residents in Kansas City, this summer; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section A. That the Council hereby recognizes an emergency within the City of Kansas City, Missouri due to an unusually high rate of homicides.

Section B. That the Council hereby adopts the following 13 point plan to reduce the death rate of residents in Kansas City:


1. Parents, stepparents, homemakers, guardians, aunts, uncles, grandparents and concerned adults are urged to form a safety network to protect children from untimely death by violence.


2. Community/street-based organizations, faith communities, health clinics, civic/social groups are urged to work together to form a village safety network to watch and protect children and the elderly and to establish safe havens in troubled neighborhoods.


3. Adult neighborhood men are urged to step up and speak out to advise children against negative behavior, to support positive behavior and to know children and guardians on their blocks by name.


4. Community and family members are urged to create a support system for girls and boys who are left to babysit younger siblings.


5. Owners of weapons and guns are urged to store all weapons unloaded, separate ammunition from the weapons and use trigger locks. They are urged to remove weapons from homes, where possible.


6. Business owners are urged to post no weapon signs on their entrances.


7. Adults are urged to reduce alcohol consumption and refrain from use of illegal drugs, thereby reducing domestic violence and providing more positive role models for children.


8. Adults are urged to organize neighborhood/village meetings to consider the issues of summer safety and child supervision and to sponsor structured games and activities that build awareness skills.


9. Adults are urged to set rules, check-in times and permitted destinations for children of driving age. Adults are also urged to prohibit their children from picking up strangers, to prohibit the use of any drugs and alcohol while driving and advise their teenage drivers about the proper procedures to follow when stopped by police.


10. Community centers, churches and neighborhood groups are urged to contact local businesses for donations of bicycles, skateboards, food coupons, movie passes and other recreational items for children involved in community service.


11.  Community centers, churches and public agencies are urged to provide support to families of homicide victims with proper notification, grief counseling, media rules and assistance with court proceedings.


12.  Encourage and adhere to the 11:00 curfew.


13.              Report all acts of assault and or domestic violence immediately, and follow through with court advised sentencing and or rehabilitation.


Section C. That the Council hereby encourages all concerned community groups and individuals to adopt, discuss and initiate the 13 point plan and to contribute their own suggestions for preventing further homicides in Kansas City this summer.