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Legislation #: 200277 Introduction Date: 4/9/2020
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Directing the City Manager to develop an emergency pedestrian safety plan to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on trails, sidewalks, and parks and directing the City Manager to produce the plan within seven days of passage of this Resolution.

Legislation History
4/9/2020 Filed by the Clerk's office
4/9/2020 Referred to Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Comm
4/15/2020 Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute
4/16/2020 Adopted as Substituted

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Testimony-Megan Suiter 4.13.20.msg Other 102K Testimony-Megan Suiter
200277 Public Testimony in Support of Resolution.msg Other 125K Public Testimony-Michael Kelley

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Directing the City Manager to develop an emergency pedestrian safety plan to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on trails, sidewalks, and parks and directing the City Manager to produce the plan within seven days of passage of this Resolution.

WHEREAS, in December 2019, a novel coronavirus, now called COVID-19, was detected in Wuhan, China; and


WHEREAS, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic; and


WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020, a proclamation of a state of emergency (“Proclamation”) was issued by Mayor Lucas “to allow the City of Kansas City to take measures to reduce the possibility of exposure to COVID-19 and promote the health and safety of Kansas City residents”; and


WHEREAS, the COVID-19 virus spreads between people who are in close contact with one another through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes; and


WHEREAS, the City wishes to employ all means available under the law to protect public life, health safety and property to limit the development, contraction, and spread of COVID-19 creating this emergency; and


WHEREAS, on March 16, 2020, Mayor Lucas updated the Proclamation to limit gatherings to fewer than 10 people and, with the support of school superintendents, to temporarily cease school operations; and


WHEREAS, on March 24th, Mayor Lucas announced a Stay at Home order that further updated the emergency declaration to prohibit non-essential activities; and


WHEREAS, walking, biking, and public transit are considered essential activities for transportation and allowed under the Stay at Home order; and


WHEREAS, healthy physical activity such as running, biking, walking, and other forms of outdoor recreation are considered essential activities and therefore, with appropriate physical distancing, allowed under the Stay at Home order; and


WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic is an emotionally traumatic experience that threatens, not only our physical health, but also our mental health; and


WHEREAS, outdoor recreation such as running, biking, and walking are proven ways to improve physical and mental health; and


WHEREAS, many of our parks, trails, and sidewalks are becoming increasingly crowded that safe physical distancing is becoming difficult; NOW THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the City Manager is hereby directed to develop an emergency pedestrian safety plan to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on trails, sidewalks, and parks in the City. The plan shall include the following without limitation:


·         Lane closures to allow temporary pedestrian access where crowding is occurring along sidewalks and trails; and


·         Street closures to thru traffic to allow for pedestrian access on the street limited to collector streets and parks roads; and


·         Temporarily reprogram pedestrian signals to automatically change along busy sidewalks and trails to reduce the touching of hard surfaces; and


Section 2. That consideration shall be given to ensure the availability of open space for all geographic areas of the City.


Section 3. That the City Manager shall present this plan to the City Council and an immediate plan of action within seven (7) days of passage of this Resolution; and


Section 4. That the emergency pedestrian safety plan shall remain in effect until the conclusion of the state of emergency declaration.