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Legislation #: 091013 Introduction Date: 12/3/2009
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 12/27/2009
Title: Establishing the City’s positions on matters that may come before the 111th United States Congress during its 2nd Session in 2010.

Legislation History
12/3/2009 Filed by the Clerk's office
12/3/2009 Immediate Adoption
12/3/2009 Councilmember Sharp Move To Hold On Docket
12/3/2009 Held on Docket (12/10/2009)
12/10/2009 Councilmember Sharp Move To Hold On Docket
12/10/2009 Held on Docket (12/17/2009)
12/17/2009 Councilmember Sharp Move to Amend
12/17/2009 Adopted as Amended

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Establishing the City’s positions on matters that may come before the 111th United States Congress during its 2nd Session in 2010.


WHEREAS, the City desires to publish general statements of its positions on matters that may become the subject of or be affected by proposed federal legislation during the 2nd Session of the 111th United States Congress in 2010; NOW, THEREFORE, 




That the City Council of Kansas City hereby adopts the priorities and positions below on matters that may come before the 111th United States Congress during its 2nd Session in 2010. 


A.                    Infrastructure


1.               U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Projects. Support continued funding of projects to achieve flood damage reduction and for water resources planning efforts for the following:


·      Turkey Creek Basin - $10,000,000 for Construction;

·      Blue River Channel - $10,500,000 for Construction;

·      Swope Park Industrial Area - $5,000,000 for Construction;

·      Blue River Basin - $6,000,000 for Construction;

·      Kansas City’s Levees - $10,000,000 for Construction and General Investigations;

·      Brush Creek Basin - $300,000 for General Investigations;

·      Missouri River Degradation - $1,000,000 for General Investigations;

·      Line Creek Basin - $100,000 for General Investigations or Planning Assistance to State;

·      Critical Environmental Infrastructure Projects- $15,000,000

o   Brookside Storm and Sanitary Sewer Improvements - $6,000,000

o   Turkey Creek Wastewater Pump Station - $9,000,000


2.                  Water Resources Development Act – Support reauthorization of the WRDA and the inclusion of the following projects:


·         Blue River Channel – Authorization of General Reevaluation Report;

·         Blue River Basin – Increase authorization to $30,000,000;

·         Swope Park Industrial Area – Authorization to receive credit for flyover bridge over the industrial park as part of City’s share of project;

·         Kansas Cities’ Levees – Authorization to change cost share for portions where there is a design deficiency;

·         Kansas City, Missouri Critical Environmental Infrastructure – Increase authorization from current $15,000,000 to $80,000,000.


3.                  Transportation. Support for the upcoming re-authorization of Federal Transportation Legislation (SAFETEA-LU reauthorization) asking for the following specific projects to be identified: 


·         Reconfiguration of the entire mile around the I-435 and I-70 connection in Kansas City;

·         Chouteau Parkway expansion and improvements from Parvin Road to Highway 210;

·         The Lewis and Clark Expressway connection from Paseo Boulevard to I-435;

·         The Truman Boulevard / I-670 project pending the conclusion of the study being undertaken with the City under supervision by the Missouri Department of Transportation;

·         The Performance Based Inter-Urban Transportation Safety Program, including support for funding transportation infrastructure in the City’s urban core;

·         Extension of the Katy Trail from Pleasant Hill to Kansas City.


4.                  Water and Wastewater Infrastructure. Support for a $10 million appropriation through the State and Tribal Assistance Grants Account for combined sewer and wet weather overflow projects.


5.                  Environmental Programs. Support for ongoing funding of previously authorized programs:

·         Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants;

·         Green Jobs Act;

·         Expansion of Green Impact Zone funding.


6.                  Long-term Infrastructure. Support creation of the following programs and funding of such programs:


·         Water Quality Investment Act for sewer overflow control grants;

·         Water Quality Financing Act for water pollution control programs;

·         Clean Water Affordability Act;

·         Water Infrastructure Financing Act;

·         Healthy Communities Water Supply Act;

·         National Commission on Infrastructure.


7.                  New GSA Building. Support selection of a site for the proposed new General Services Administration building in the general area of the East Village Redevelopment Area and funding for the construction of the facility.


8.                  Kansas City International Airport Infrastructure. Support for infrastructure to create an economic environment to encourage Smith Electric Vehicle to remain and expand on KCI land.


9.                  South Kansas City Intermodal Facility. Support expedited funding for environmental remediation at the former Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base to foster continued economic development opportunities for the South Kansas City Intermodal Facility, and surrounding areas.


B. Community Issues


1.                  Census. Support resources and sufficient personnel to ensure a full count for Kansas City and the rest of the nation in the 2010 Census.


2.                  Economic Development and use of TARP Excess. Support for the use of excess unused TARP funds to stimulate local economies with direct funding to cities including funding for Community Development Credit Unions, Community Development Block Grants, and other mechanisms which deliver the federal money directly to local communities.


3.                  Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant. Support extending the program, funded initially through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, as an ongoing program to fund energy efficiency projects in local communities.


4.                  Foster Grandparent Reform. Support reform to increase income eligibility, reduce the eligibility age for participation in the Foster Grandparent Program and increase the stipend for volunteers in the program.


5.                  Home Energy Assistance. Support increased funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and energy efficiency (Low-Income Weatherization Assistance) while ensuring there is traceable documentation that LIHEAP recipients are referred to the weatherization assistance program.


6.                  Homeland Security. Support funding for the following: 


·         Homeland Security anti-terrorism projects and initiatives;

·         First responder agencies and services;

·         Local homeland security offices, facilities and personnel;

·         Protection of essential local utilities, facilities and services.


7.                  Homeless Assistance. Support funding of homeless assistance programs, remove caps on Essential Services and Homeless Prevention funds and support the Community Partnership to End Homelessness Act.


8.                  Housing. Support for the continuation and increased funding of the Community Development Block Grant program and the creation of a National Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  


9.                  Housing Foreclosure Notification. Extension of legislation mandating notification of tenants of foreclosure of their dwelling units.


10.              Housing/Vacant Property. Support for the Neighborhood Reclamation and Revitalization Act to create a grant fund for communities to improve and clean-up vacant property that currently blights neighborhoods.


11.              Housing/Making Home Affordable Loan Modification Program. Support legislation to require financial institutions that receive Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds to participate in the Making Home Affordable Loan Modification Program.


12.              Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Support efforts to revise Neighborhood Stabilization Program requirements to eliminate the return of program income after July 30, 2013, and to remove or lower the required purchase discount.


13.              New Markets Tax Credits. Support for the reauthorization of the program and for Kansas City’s participation in the awarding of future tax credits.


14.              Parks, Recreation and Cultural Projects. Support the following:


·         The Urban Revitalization and Livable Communities Act;

·         The No Child Left Inside Act;

·         Children and Nature Environmental Education direct funding for parks and recreation agencies;

·         Increased Transportation Enhancement funding in the Surface Transportation Reauthorization.

·         Transportation funding for an improved zoo entrance.

·         Reauthorization of the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant program.


15.              Predatory Lending. Support predatory lending reform, specifically the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act, and oppose all weakening amendments, such as any attempt to preempt states from passing stronger laws.


16.              Public Health. Support significant, permanent increased funding for local health departments to improve their capacity to handle public health threats, including naturally occurring infectious diseases and bio-terrorism and support increased funding and opportunities to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.


17.              Workforce Investment Act. Support for the reauthorization and increased funding of this act which provides needed help for full employment activities.