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Legislation #: 051377 Introduction Date: 11/10/2005
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Establishing the City’s positions on matters that may come before the Missouri General Assembly during its 2006 Session.

Legislation History
11/7/2005 Filed by the Clerk's office
11/10/2005 Referred to Legislative, Rules and Ethics Committee
11/16/2005 Immediate Adoption
11/17/2005 Adopted

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Establishing the Citys positions on matters that may come before the Missouri General Assembly during its 2006 Session.


WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly will convene January 4, 2006, and the City desires to establish general statements of its positions on matters that may become the subject of or be affected by proposed legislation during the 2006 Session; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the City Council of Kansas City hereby adopts the following priorities and positions on matters that may come before the Missouri General Assembly during its 2006 Session:


1. Funding for Kansas City projects


The City supports continued and increased ongoing funding for programs traditionally and appropriately supported by State funding including Bartle Hall convention facilities, the Jackson County Sports Complex, higher education, health services, the life sciences and landmark parks.


The City supports restoration of core State funding for community colleges to the 2001-2002 fiscal year levels.


2. Economic development


The City supports the continuation of tax credit programs such as Historic Preservation Tax Credits, State tax increment financing projects, special economic districts such as Community Improvement Districts and other appropriate sales tax relief and business development financing mechanisms as economic development tools.


The City supports efforts to obtain substantially expanded funding for Brownfields redevelopment incentives and programs.


The City supports providing sufficient funding to job retraining programs to allow such programs to become operational.


The City supports any additional State tax increment financing projects which have the support of both the State and the City.


The City supports subjecting entities to the convention and tourism tax that are currently exempt from such tax.


3. Homeland security and bio-terrorism response readiness


The City supports adequate funding at the State and local levels so that homeland security needs can be met through adequate staffing and equipment.


4. Transportation/Public Transit


The City supports legislation which guarantees the authority and right of municipalities to control the use of municipality-owned rights of way.


The City supports increased penalizing authority to deter the operation of overweight vehicles on roadways and bridges.


The City supports appropriate enabling legislation to implement regional funding solutions for Smart Moves, a regional transit plan to expand and enhance transit services.


The City supports a primary seat belt law.


The City supports the designation of the new Paseo Bridge as the Christopher S. Kit Bond Bridge.


5. Water


The City supports continued revolving loan programs, grants and funding for improving and replacing combined sewers, sanitary sewers and storm sewers to achieve a cleaner, safer environment and for projects to better control stormwater and flooding.


The City opposes any efforts to impede its ability to collect amounts owed for water and sewer services.


The City supports sufficient funding of the Drinking Water Revolving Fund.


6. Other areas of interest


Lobbying The City supports repealing Section 105.971, RSMo, which applies only to Kansas City, that requires persons to submit a letter to the City Clerk prior to lobbying any elected City official or member of a City board, committee or commission.


Health Care The City supports programs and funding to provide access to adequate health and dental care for the indigent.


Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling Funding The City supports reversing the shift of funds from the Mid-America Regional Council Solid Waste Management District to cover State expenses and encourages an equitable per capita formula to distribute funds among districts.


Police Retirement The City supports the Military Leave Bill for its Police.