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Legislation #: 120247 Introduction Date: 3/8/2012
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 3/25/2012
Title: Expressing the intent of the City Council regarding parking and other business issues anticipated because of pending zoning changes.

Legislation History
3/9/2012 Filed by the Clerk's office
3/8/2012 Referred to Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee
3/14/2012 Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute
3/15/2012 Adopted as Substituted

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Expressing the intent of the City Council regarding parking and other business issues anticipated because of pending zoning changes.


WHEREAS, the City has decided to pursue rezoning in the Downtown Area of Kansas City; and


WHEREAS, the City is proposing to enact a sales tax and a special assessment on property within this district through the creation of a Transportation Development District (TDD); and


WHEREAS, the City desires to create a real estate environment within this District that supports transit oriented development (TOD) practices; and


WHEREAS, the Federal Transit Administration’s review of applications for federal assistance for Rail Transit projects includes the evaluation of the land use and zoning requirements necessary to support TOD practices; and


WHEREAS, the rezoning and off-street parking exemption will foster growth and real estate development which will support pedestrian and transit traffic; and


WHEREAS, the City Manager is directed to consider the following intentions of the Council regarding administrative actions to be taken in conjunction with the pending zoning changes; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That on-street parking be maximized (to the greatest degree possible, and subject to funding) through the use of angled parking, elimination of no-parking zones, elimination of unnecessary bus stops, and consideration of a neighborhood parking program.


Section 2. That business interruption be minimized through careful consideration of construction-related parking and equipment and materials storage.


Section 3. That a parking benefit district be considered in response to the recent review by the Parking and Wayfinding Committee. Demand pricing, structured parking, shared use and infrastructure and parking improvements will be considered as part of this benefit district.


Section 4. All applicants for liquor license within the Crossroads District shall be directed to the Crossroads Board to discuss and consider a conditional liquor license tailored to the specific location.


Section 5. All uses within the DX zone as defined in the Zoning and Development Code that are lawfully established prior to the zone change shall be considered to be lawfully established special uses if special use permits are required for such uses after the zone change (88-25-05-B).


Section 6. The City Manager, through the City Planning and Development Department, will complete a comprehensive review of the DX zone by no later than January 1, 2014 specific to uses and drive-through uses.


Section 7. This resolution of the City Council is subject to the DX rezoning and establishment of the parking exemption area which should be effective May 1, 2013.