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Legislation #: 910028 Introduction Date: 1/31/1991
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Adopting federal legislative priorities for 1991.

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Adopting federal legislative priorities for 1991.


WHEREAS, the Policy and Rules Committee of the City Council has heretofore examined those issues which may come before the Federal Congress in 1991 which may effect the operation of the City; and


WHEREAS, the Council desires to adopt as policy the City's position on certain City related issues; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Council adopts the following federal legislative priorities for 1991:




1. Oppose further restrictions on municipal tax exempt bond issuance or the ability to deduct local taxes.


2. Extend beyond 1991 single-family mortgage revenue bonds, small issue industrial development bonds, low-income

housing tax credits.


3. Approve tax-exempt mortgage revenue and multi-family bonds to buy housing assets of failed thrifts.


4. Approve legislation requiring mail-order companies to collect state and local sales tax, with a pass thru for

local governments.


5. Continue to oppose new mandated programs unless federal or tax-exempt financing is provided or allowed.


6. Approve legislation to require post office zip code boundaries to conform to the boundaries of general

purpose local governments upon their request.


7. Approve legislation to require federal agencies to withhold city earnings taxes from federal employees.


8. Urge that Congress take trust funds, such as social security, highway, airport, Land and Water Conservation

Fund, "off-budget" and use them for the purposes



9. Urge Congress to revise the Cable Communications Policy Act to restore local regulatory responsibility over cable

rates and services and to assure effective competition,

consumer access to new technology (such as fiber optic

networks) and quality service at reasonable prices.


10. Secure arbitrage relief in accordance with the Anthony Report, to eliminate costly arbitrage rebate provisions

of the Tax Reform Act of 1986.




1. Oppose any diversion of the Airport Trust Fund to the General Fund.


2. Approve adequate transportation appropriations for UMTA to support ATA's discretionary funding requests, and

Phase I of light rail program for Kansas City.


3. Request that Congress, with completion of the Interstate Construction Program in 1991, utilize these

inter-governmental principles to guide future

legislation: that there should be a non-interstate

federal aid highway program; an emphasis on reducing

urban traffic congestion; and a component that includes

the public transit needs of major urban areas. This

should result in a flexible but comprehensive national

transportation system, with the Transportation Trust

Funds "off-budget" and fully appropriated.




1. Reauthorization of the Resource Conservation Recovery Act with an emphasis and funding to support recycling,

waste-to energy and reduction in the volume and toxicity

of solid waste.


2. Approval of the National Beverage Container Reuse and Recycling Act.


3. Approval of the American Heritage Trust Act.


4. Approval of new infrastructure funding and tax-exempt financing mechanisms to meet growing public works

infrastructure needs.


5. Approval of appropriations to support the Brush Creek Channel improvements project and the improvements and

feasibility studies of the Blue River and Turkey Creek



6. Support regulation of water releases on the Missouri River according to Army Corps of Engineers which places

navigation uses above that of recreation and continue to

grant the Corps the sole authority to regulate the

release of water from upstream dams.


7. Reauthorize the Superfund Program, with adequate funds for municipalities to cleanup waste sites and authorize

and provide adequate funds for new programs under the

Safe Drinking Water Act and to implement waste water





1. Approval of full funding of the drug bills, with a direct block grant mechanism to major urban communities that

would provide adequate resources and flexibility for

local government to implement a strategy that includes:

education, treatment, prevention and enforcement.


2. Approval of the Enclave Fire Protection Act.


3. Approval of the Hate Crime Statistics Act.




1. Approval of medical expansions for pregnant women and for children 6 years of age.


2. Approval of extension of the targeted jobs tax credits past 1991.


3. Reauthorization of Older Americans Act, at current level of appropriation.


4. Continued current funding for low income fuel assistance and the homeless.


5. Support for legislation requiring non-profit hospitals to provide and document charity care.


6. Terminate employer sanctions provisions of Immigration Reform and Control Act.




1. Implement the affordable housing provisions in the S&L bailout legislation to assist cities in making housing

available to low and moderate income families. Require

the RTC to provide below market interest rates to

qualified purchasers.


2. Approval of the Enterprise Zone Improvements Act.


3. Approval and appropriations for the Public Works and Economic Development Act Amendments, and continuation of

CDBG and other Housing Funds at the Fiscal Year 1991