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Legislation #: 070080 Introduction Date: 1/18/2007
Type: Special Action Effective Date: none
Title: Congratulating Northgate Middle School on winning the No Name-Calling Week 2007 Creative Expression Contest.

Legislation History
1/18/2007 Filed by the Clerk's office
1/18/2007 Adopted

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Congratulating Northgate Middle School on winning the No Name-Calling Week 2007 Creative Expression Contest.


WHEREAS, by winning the school/school district competition, Northgate Middle School will be visited by the author James Howe who wrote the book on the No Name-Calling Week; and


WHEREAS, Northgate Middle School has been promoting a six-week character education campaign promoting safety/anti-bullying/community service with the theme being Welcome to The Kind-full Swamp; and


WHEREAS, during No Name-Calling Week, Northgate Middle School will have a school-wide campaign No Sticks, No Stones, No Dissing, a library display on inclusiveness, diversity and the work of author James Howe, and opportunities for creative writing on diversity, Women in American Herstory, and introducing the White Rose Essay Contest for 8th graders to do historical research and draw connections between the Holocaust and contemporary issues; and


WHEREAS, during the week, Bobby Ray of City in Motion will perform in a Bullying/Violence Prevention Assembly to demonstrate to the students through music, dance and theatre that problem-solving through communication is much better than violence; and


WHEREAS, to wrap up the six week program, January 29 through February 14 will be Kindness is Contagious, Catch It! with a school project Wheres Your Heart showing active kindness by packaging and mailing materials previously collected for troops in Iran; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby congratulate Northgate Middle School for winning the No Name-Calling Week 2007 Creative Expression Contest; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that a copy hereof be presented to Kathryn Sargent with the appreciation of the Mayor and Council for the exceptional program being brought about by the faculty and students of Northgate Middle School.