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Legislation #: 050139 Introduction Date: 2/3/2005
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Adopting the recommendations and proposed governance structure for the delivery of City housing services contained in the Neighborhood Based Housing Strategy in Kansas City report and directing the City Manager to submit a housing action plan in FY 2005 that effectively and efficiently achieves Kansas City’s adopted Housing Policy Goals and Kansas City Housing Task Force objectives.

Legislation History
2/3/2005 Filed by the Clerk's office
2/3/2005 Referred to Neighborhood Development and Housing Committee
2/9/2005 Hold On Agenda (2/23/2005)
2/23/2005 Hold On Agenda (3/23/2005)
3/23/2005 Hold On Agenda (3/30/2005)
3/30/2005 Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute
3/31/2005 Adopted as Substituted

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Adopting the recommendations and proposed governance structure for the delivery of City housing services contained in the Neighborhood Based Housing Strategy in Kansas City report and directing the City Manager to submit a housing action plan in FY 2005 that effectively and efficiently achieves Kansas Citys adopted Housing Policy Goals and Kansas City Housing Task Force objectives.


WHEREAS, healthy, sustainable neighborhoods that offer decent, affordable housing are fundamental to the quality of life in Kansas City because they fulfill an elemental need of citizens of every age and economic circumstance; and


WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City plays a central role in maintaining this quality of life through provision of manifold City services, stewardship of federal resources contained in the annual Community Development Block Grant, cooperation with community development corporations and other non-profit service providers, and the private sector; and


WHEREAS, in November 2001, the Mayor and Council approved Resolution No.

011428, adopting Housing Policy Goals and guiding principles mandating that the City of Kansas City, Missouri and its housing partners promote and direct investment in housing for all income levels and needs; and


WHEREAS, in August 2004, City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen convened the Kansas City Housing Task Force to review and evaluate the Citys housing and neighborhood revitalization process, and make strategic recommendations to reform and enhance this process; and


WHEREAS, in November 2004, the Housing Task Force, through the collective

efforts of the Cookingham Institute of Public Affairs at UMKC, staff from City departments and federal housing agencies, and representatives from community-based neighborhood and housing organizations, did present to the City Council a series of recommendations designed to integrate housing and neighborhood revitalization into the Citys overall service delivery system; and


WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City, in the spirit of the FOCUS Kansas City master plan, is also committed to coordinating and strategically targeting housing and neighborhood revitalization programs and resources such as public improvement funds and federal economic development grants as well as programs that support family stability and asset building, and undertaking regulatory reforms that enhance the quality and availability of housing for all its citizens; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the City of Kansas City hereby adopts the following strategies as a framework for housing and neighborhood revitalization programs, projects, and regulatory measures, with an overarching commitment to effectiveness, accountability and transparency, beginning in FY 2005:


1.                  A sound neighborhood revitalization policy demands a strategy that comprehensively groups programs and resources from City, federal and non-profit agencies (including local public improvement funding, federal economic development grants, and other programs that support family stability, asset building and removal of social and racial barriers that inhibit access to decent and affordable housing), and targets them to neighborhoods that have great need, but also possess a proven track record and the inherent stability to sustain themselves over time.


2.                  In order to assure effectiveness, accountability and transparency, the City of Kansas City will require a competitive proposal process in all housing services and contracts related to the annual and five-year Consolidated Plans. The proposal process will include specific criteria for leveraging private funds, achieving policy goals based on measurable impacts on property values, home ownership and specific housing needs. Consultation with, and oversight by, the City Council will be an integral part of the process.


3.                  Evaluation of housing vendor performance will be based on meaningful measures such as:


        Indicators of long term neighborhood preservation and enhancement, such as higher resale value, declining crime rates, and strong neighborhood organization

        Affordable, well-designed housing that complements the surrounding neighborhood

        Success at targeting infrastructure improvements, community policing programs and strengthened neighborhood schools to the neighborhoods receiving the infill, rehab, minor home repair and other program resources


4.                  The City of Kansas City will attempt to leverage all available private, state and federal resources that enhance local investment in housing and neighborhood revitalization.


5.                  The City of Kansas City will focus all available human and financial resources to eliminate the physical and economic blight caused by predatory and fraudulent lending practices; absentee landlords; vacant, dangerous or underutilized buildings and land; and chronic violation of health and building codes. The City of Kansas City will also intensify its program of systematic neighborhood inspections and/or a city-wide periodic inspection of rental dwellings.


6.                  The City of Kansas City will seek a sensible balance between new and existing housing by promulgating policies, programs and incentives that assist current homeowners and create a strategic mix of renovated and new housing that matches the needs of individual neighborhoods.


7.                  The City of Kansas City, recognizing that one size fits all does not apply to neighborhood revitalization, will explore alternatives to the traditional new infill and gut rehab housing programs. Because of its proven success in some Kansas City neighborhoods, targeted minor home repair initiatives will have a high priority among such alternative programs.


8.                  The City of Kansas City will acknowledge and support the important role of community-based organizations in the overall housing and neighborhood revitalization delivery system. Support will be aimed at creating effective block and neighborhood organization, building strong professional and volunteer leadership, and developing a range of sound business practices.


9.                  In the spirit of both the Housing Task Force and the stated position of the City Manager, the new Housing Administrator will manage, facilitate and coordinate neighborhood revitalization resources among all City departments and agencies, housing-related federal and state agencies, community development corporations, other non-profit service organizations, and the private sector. The performance of the Housing Administrator will be measured against the general standards of effectiveness, accountability and transparency as well as specific, regularly updated goals consistent with the Citys Consolidated Strategic Plan.


10.              The Mayor and Council will convene an annual Housing Forum to assure ongoing progress in the revitalization of Kansas Citys diverse neighborhoods. Membership in the Housing Forum will include participants from the Housing Task Force as well as representatives of other stakeholder groups from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Goals of the Forum will include:


        Fostering a dialog on housing and neighborhood issues that produces innovative solutions to difficult problems

        Soliciting ideas and information from community experts on the diverse housing needs of a diverse city

        Providing a venue for updates and progress reports on the Kansas Citys Neighborhood Based Housing Strategy

        Providing an opportunity for the Mayor to appoint ad hoc advisory groups to review, and offer policy guidance on, particular housing problems as they may, from time to time, occur