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Legislation #: 061031 Introduction Date: 9/21/2006
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Amending Rules 15, 16 and 25 of the Standing Rules of the City Council to reflect new references to the City Charter of 2006.

Legislation History
9/20/2006 Filed by the Clerk's office
9/21/2006 Referred to Legislative, Rules and Ethics Committee
9/27/2006 Immediate Adoption
9/28/2006 Adopted

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Amending Rules 15, 16 and 25 of the Standing Rules of the City Council to reflect new references to the City Charter of 2006.


WHEREAS, Standing Rules of the City Council, Rule 15 Reconsideration, Rule 16 Votes Required, and Rule 25 Referral to Committee refer to specific sections of the City Charter; and


WHEREAS, effective September 1, 2006, and March 1, 2007, the references made in the Council Rules will change to reflect the new organization of the Charter through the amendments adopted by the voters on August 8, 2006; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the Standing Rules of the City Council, Rules 15, 16 and 25, are amended to update references to the City Charter to read as follows:


Rule 15. Reconsideration.


After the decision upon any question, except the adoption or rejection of an ordinance submitted to the council under the initiative, or an emergency ordinance as defined in Section 503 of the Charter, any member who voted with the prevailing side may move for a reconsideration thereof at the same or the next meeting. A motion to reconsider shall require seven (7) affirmative votes for adoption. Once a motion for reconsideration of a decision has been adopted and acted upon, or has been rejected, no other motion for a reconsideration of the decision shall be made at the same meeting without the unanimous consent of the members of the council who are present. This rule does not affect the right of the mayor to require reconsideration under the provisions of Section 505 of the Charter.


Rule 16. Votes required.


As a matter of convenience, the following tables give the number of votes required on various matters pending before the council:


Borrow money

9 votes

(a) Authorizing the director of finance to borrow money, 9 votes, Charter Section 806.



9 votes

(Eff. 3-1-07

7 votes)

(b) Vacating any public highway, street, alley, public place, platted addition or subdivision or part thereof, 9 votes, Charter (1925) Art. XI, Section 366, effective until March 1, 2007.


New Department

9 votes

(Eff. 3-1-07

7 votes)

(c) Creating any new department in the city government, 9 votes, Charter (1925) Art. II, Section 25, effective until March 1, 2007; thereafter 7 votes, Charter Section 415.




9 votes

(d) Emergency measures for the immediate preservation of public peace, property, health, safety or morals, 9 votes, Charter Section 503.



7 votes

(e) Emergency measures listed in Charter Section 503 other than those necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, property, health, safety or morals, 7 votes, Charter Section 503.


Expulsion of member

9 votes

(f) Expulsion of a member from the city council, 9 votes, Charter Section 211.


Sale of city property

7 votes


(g) Authorizing the sale of city property, 7 votes, Charter Section 1210.


Dispensing with 3 readings

9 votes


(h) Dispensing with Charter requirement that ordinance read on three separate days, 9 votes, Charter 502. (With certain exceptions enumerated).


Ordinances and resolutions

7 votes


(i) All ordinances and resolutions unless specified otherwise by Charter, 7 votes, Charter Section 502.


Zoning amendment

9 votes


(j) Amendments to zoning law when under protest, 9 votes, Section 80-355, Code of Ordinances.


Rule 25. Referral to committee.


All ordinances after the first reading shall be referred by the president to such committee as would be appropriate, unless otherwise ordered by the council. Ordinances referred to special committees shall also be referred to a standing committee. Special committees shall consider such ordinances and forward them to the standing committee with comments and recommendations. Standing committees shall consider and report ordinances to council with their recommendations. An assigned ordinance may be changed from one committee to another with the consent of the chair of each committee involved. Ordinances or resolutions may be adopted upon any reading, in accordance with the provisions of Sections 502 and 503 of the Charter. A resolution may be referred at any time before adoption to the appropriate committee. After committee report, the resolution shall be on second reading unless the committee otherwise directs the clerk.