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Legislation #: 100626 Introduction Date: 7/29/2010
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 8/29/2010
Title: Directing the City Manager to cause specific projects to be submitted to the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) as applications for FY 2013 and 2014 Surface Transportation Program (STP) and Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation (Bridge) funds.

Legislation History
7/29/2010 Filed by the Clerk's office
7/29/2010 Referred to Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
8/5/2010 Hold On Agenda (8/19/2010)
8/19/2010 Immediate Adoption Second Committee Substitute
8/19/2010 Adopted as Second Committee Substitute

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Directing the City Manager to cause specific projects to be submitted to the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) as applications for FY 2013 and 2014 Surface Transportation Program (STP) and Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation (Bridge) funds.


WHEREAS, MARC is soliciting project proposals for Federal Fiscal Years 2013 and 2014 STP and Bridge funds in its role as metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for Greater Kansas City; and


WHEREAS, eligible projects for STP funds include, but are not limited to: bicycle/pedestrian, livable communities’ pilot projects; public transportation projects; bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects; roadway capacity projects; transportation operations and management projects; transportation safety projects; and


WHEREAS, eligible Bridge projects include, but are not limited to: construction of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane structures on a public bridge; culverts of minimum size that constitute a public bridge; reconstruction, replacement, rehabilitation, repair and restoration of deficient highway bridges; and


WHEREAS, eligibility for STP and Bridge funds is also related to the Federal Roadway Function Classification system. STP funds can be used within the Kansas City MPO boundary on all facilities functionally classified as urban collector or higher. In Missouri, Bridge funds may be used on any public road not classified as local or rural minor collectors on the Federal Functional Classification network; and


WHEREAS, in an effort to make the most progress toward our regional and transportation visions, MARC has determined that the broad policy goals identified in Transportation Outlook 2040 should serve as guide for all project submittals, thus, projects submitted will be evaluated and scored on how closely they align with the policy goals of the plan. Those policy goals include: accessibility; climate change and energy use; economic vitality; environment; place making; public health; safety and security; system condition; system performance; and


WHEREAS, funding for FY 2013 and 2014 years are beyond the term of current transportation legislation, some uncertainty remains about the level of funding available for programming by MARC, thus, after looking at recent levels of funding from previous years MARC anticipates the funding for Missouri to be $17 million for each year for a total of $34 million; and


WHEREAS, in an effort to demonstrate greater financial commitment by project applicants and to maximize the distribution of these funds for project implementation, STP and Bridge funds may not be used for design or preliminary engineering activities. Both STP and Bridge programs are reimbursement programs and require a 20 percent local match for federal funds; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. The list of projects submitted by the City of Kansas City, Missouri are as follows:


Roadway Capacity Projects

Eastwood Trafficway and Blue Parkway Intersection Improvements

Front Street, Interstate 35 to Universal Avenue (Right-of-Way Only)

New Interchange at 96th Street and Highway 169

New Interchange at 108th Street and Highway 169

Noland Road and Missouri Route 350 Intersection Improvements

North Brighton, Highway 210 to Parvin Road

North Congress, 112th to Cookingham Road

Red Bridge Road, Blue River Road to Grandview Road

Southwest Trafficway, Westport to 43rd Street

22nd/23rd Street, Brooklyn to Interstate 70

Rte M-291 from I-435 to I-35


Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation

Woodsweather Bridge Replacement

NE 76th Street over Little Shoal Creek

NW 108th Street Bridge over West Branch of Second Creek


Bicycle/Pedestrian Projects

Missouri Route 152 Trails

Indian Creek to Trolley Track Connection

Blue River Trails, Swope Park to Brush Creek

Emmanuel Cleaver II Trial Connection

Emmanuel Cleaver II Trail Bicycle/Pedestrian

Chouteau Bridge Connection

Armour & Benton Boulevard Bike Lanes


Transportation Safety Projects

Broadway and 20th Street Signal Improvement

NE Barry Road and North Oak Trafficway Signal Improvement

Roanoke and Ward Parkway Signal Improvement

Red Bridge and Wornall Road Signal Improvement

Blue Ridge Boulevard and Holmes Signal Improvement

Emmanuel Clever II Boulevard and Leeds Trafficway Signal Improvement

Bannister Road and Raytown Road Signal Improvement


Transportation Operations and Management Projects

Truman Road ATMS Fiber, Charlotte to Winchester



Union Station – Bus Turn Around Modifications