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Legislation #: 200005 Introduction Date: 1/9/2020
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Updating the City’s Climate Protection Plan to include new greenhouse gas reduction goals, resiliency, and equity and incorporating into City policy and operations; and directing the City Manager to submit the new Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan to Council by March 31, 2021.

Legislation History
1/6/2020 Filed by the Clerk's office
1/9/2020 Referred to Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Comm
1/15/2020 Hold On Agenda (3/4/2020)
3/4/2020 Hold On Agenda (3/18/2020)
3/18/2020 Hold On Agenda (4/1/2020)
4/1/2020 Hold On Agenda (4/8/2020)
4/8/2020 Hold On Agenda (5/6/2020)
5/12/2020 Referred to Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Comm
5/13/2020 Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute
5/14/2020 Adopted as Substituted

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Testimony - Virashree Patel 5.26.2020.msg Other 137K Testimony - Virashree Patel
200005.pdf Authenticated 108K Authenticated Ordinance
Testimony - Ira Harritt 5.14.2020.msg Other 130K Testimony - Ira Harritt
Testimony - Cameron Wiley 5.13.20.msg Other 106K Testimony - Cameron Wiley
Comments on Res 200005.msg Other 161K Testimony-Sharon Meyers 5.13.2020
Testimony - Mark Ronning 5.12.2020.msg Other 152K Testimony - Mark Ronning
Testimony - Lily Cosgrove 5.12.2020.msg Other 135K Testimony - Lily Cosgrove
Testimony - Brennan Fitzgerald 5.12.2020.msg Other 97K Testimony - Brennan Fitzgerald
Testimony - Chase Castor 5.12.2020.msg Other 141K Testimony - Chase Castor
Testimony - Audrey Gilbreath 5.12.2020.msg Other 149K Testimony - Audrey Gilbreath
Testimony - Valeria Espadas 5.12.2020.msg Other 97K Testimony - Valeria Espadas
Testimony - Jack Vandeleuv 5.12.2020.msg Other 131K Testimony - Jack Vandeleuv
Testimony-Madeline Meloy 5.9.20.msg Other 183K Testimony - Madeline Meloy
Testimony - Matthew Meloy 5.9.20.pdf Other 30K Testimony - Matthew Meloy
Testimony - Madegan Morrison 5.12.2020.msg Other 141K Testimony - Madegan Morrison
Testimony - Fatima Al-Shaikhli 5.12.2020.msg Other 95K Testimony - Fatima Al-Shaikhli
Testimony - Riley Meloy 5.12.2020.msg Other 135K Testimony - Riley Meloy
Testimony - Christina Shackelford 5.12.2020.msg Other 134K Testimony - Christina Shackelford
Testimony - Khiana Harris 5.11.2020.msg Other 130K Testimony - Khiana Harris
Testimony - Mahreen Ansari 5.11.2020.msg Other 116K Testimony - Mahreen Ansari
Testimony - Rhonda Meloy 5.11.2020.msg Other 190K Testimony - Rhonda Meloy
Testimony - Claire Davis 5.11.2020.msg Other 125K Testimony - Claire Davis
Testimony - Austin Averill 5.11.2020.msg Other 162K Testimony - Austin Averill
Testimony - James Meloy 5.11.2020.msg Other 109K Testimony - James Meloy
Testimony - Haley Sirokman 5.11.2020.msg Other 133K Testimony - Haley Sirokman
Testimony - Dawson Sims 5.11.2020.msg Other 210K Testimony - Dawson Sims
Testimony - Annabelle Meloy 5.11.2020.msg Other 138K Testimony - Annabelle Meloy
Testimony - Brenna Jenisch 5.11.2020.msg Other 98K Testimony - Brenna Jenisch
Testimony - Hayden Clements 5.11.2020.msg Other 111K Testimony - Hayden Clements
Testimony - Ian Taylor 5.11.2020.msg Other 104K Testimony - Ian Taylor
Testimony - Amanda Adreani 5.11.2020.msg Other 131K Testimony - Amanda Adreani
Testimony - Jackson Cutsor 5.11.2020.msg Other 108K Testimony - Jackson Cutsor
Testimony - Jamie Greem 5.11.2020.msg Other 120K Testimony - Jamie Green
Testimony - Emily Wolfe.msg Other 292K Testimony - Emily Wolfe
Testimony - Michael Wolfe.msg Other 170K Testimony - Michael Wolfe
Testimony - Ilyssa Block 5.11.2020.msg Other 122K Testimony - Ilyssa Block
Testimony - Miriam Zavagnin 5.11.2020.msg Other 105K Testimony - Miriam Zavagnin
Testimony - Grassroots Petition 5.11.2020.pdf Other 273K Testimony - Grassroots Petition
Testimony - Kailee Ford 5.11.2020.msg Other 125K Testimony - Kailee Ford
Testimony - Bill Griffith - Climate Protection 5.11.2020.msg Other 90K Testimony - Bill Griffith
Testimoney - Sebastian Barraza 5.8.2020.pdf Other 48K Testimony - Sebastian Barraza
Testimony - Shawn Tolivar 5.7.2020.msg Other 92K Testimony - Shawn Tolivar
Testimony - KC Safe Streets 5.7.2020.msg Other 93K Testimony - KC Safe Streets
Public Testimony in Support of Resolution #200005 (Climate Protection Plan Update).msg Other 169K Testimony - Michael Kelley
Resolution 200005 - Robin Ganahl 4.8.20.msg Other 121K Robin Ganahl
Testimony-Resolution 200005 Hunter Garr Pace 3.31.20.pdf Other 14K Testimony - Hunter Garr Pace
Hearing on resolution number 200005.msg Other 123K Testimony - Mary Kay McGinty
Testimony - Resolution 200005 - Don Wallace 3.30.20.pdf Other 16K Testimony - Don Wallace
Testimony - Resolution 200005 - Dee McCreary 3.22.2020.msg Other 99K Testimony - Dee McCreary

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Updating the City’s Climate Protection Plan to include new greenhouse gas reduction goals, resiliency, and equity and incorporating into City policy and operations; and directing the City Manager to submit the new Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan to Council by March 31, 2021.


WHEREAS, the City Council by Resolution No. 080754 on July 24, 2008, adopted goals that called for a thirty percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from municipal operations and a thirty percent reduction citywide by 2020 from 2000 levels; and


WHEREAS, the City in its municipal operations has not only met those climate goals but exceeded them, by achieving a forty percent reduction in municipal operations by 2017 and citywide emissions have declined twenty-one percent since 2000; and


WHEREAS, Kansas City’s commitment to addressing the climate crisis is established by the 2008 Climate Protection Plan and by Resolutions 180475, calling for a transition to 100 percent community-wide renewable electricity as soon as possible, and 181000, directing the City Manager to achieve energy efficiency targets and procure carbon-free energy; and


WHEREAS, the updated greenhouse gas emission reductions for 2020 will continue to show the City of Kansas City, Missouri as a national leader on these efforts and more significantly make the City a healthier and more resilient municipality; and


WHEREAS, the City Council in previously adopted Resolution Nos. 170484, 170586, 181000, and 190233, expressed its support for the Paris Climate Agreement and its targets of a 26-28 percent reduction by 2025 from the 2005 baseline; and


WHEREAS, in November 2019, the UN released the latest Emissions Gap Report, which estimates global emissions will have to decrease by 7.6% every year from 2020 to 2030 for a total reduction of 55% below 2018 levels to have just a 66% chance to keep global warming below 1.5°C; and


WHEREAS, on June 24, 2019 more than 70 health organizations including the American Medical Association and the American Public Health Association declared climate change to be a health emergency and issued a call to action for government, business, and civil society leaders to recognize it as such; and


WHEREAS, without serious intervention on the climate crisis, Kansas City will see more extreme high temperatures, intensified heat waves, more frequent severe precipitation and flooding, as well as longer dry periods in the coming years; and


WHEREAS, these changes in Kansas City’s local climate will lead to reduced air quality, degradation of water quality, population displacement, mental health problems, increased injury, greater incidence of certain infectious diseases, and death; and


WHEREAS, climate change affects all residents and businesses, but communities that already face socioeconomic and health inequities will be most severely impacted, including youth, elderly, people of color, and low-income communities, and such communities therefor require an investment in resilience that is proportionate to these more severe risks; NOW THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the City develop a comprehensive Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan that incorporates greenhouse gas reduction, climate adaptation, and carbon sequestration strategies.


Section 2. That the City reaffirms that climate protection and greenhouse gas reduction should be key factors in all decisions and actions by the City.


Section 3. That the City will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from City municipal operations seventy percent (70%) below 2005 levels by 2025, and a goal of being climate neutral by 2030, including a one hundred percent (100%) reduction for emissions related to electricity consumption by 2022.


Section 4. That for citywide emissions, the goal will be to reduce greenhouse gas emissions thirty percent (30%) below 2005 levels by 2025, a fifty percent (50%) reduction by 2030, and a goal of being climate neutral by 2040, including a one hundred percent (100%) reduction for emissions related to electricity consumption by 2030.


Section 5. That the City will develop plans to accomplish these goals through a transparent and inclusive stakeholder process which includes community members as well as representatives from organizations representing faith groups, youth, labor, unions, public health groups, businesses, academic institutions, homeowners’ associations, housing groups, and environmental, economic, racial, gender, family and disability justice and indigenous, immigrant and women’s rights organizations and other such interested parties who will be integral to the effort.


Section 6. That the City, working collaboratively with key stakeholders, will develop specific strategies to achieve these new targets and such solutions shall include, but are not limited to, building efficiency, carbon sequestration, renewables, waste reduction, electrification of vehicles, water heating, space heating, transit, walking and bicycling access, land use, tree planting, and green infrastructure, while recognizing that all appropriate or required strategies may not yet be known.


Section 7. That the City will ensure that climate equity will be a central focus of the Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan and that the plan will ensure that all people have the opportunity to equally benefit from climate solutions.


Section 8. That the City Manager is hereby directed to develop and submit to the Council by March 31, 2021 the new Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan that reflects these goals in consultation with key community stakeholders.