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Legislation #: 150207 Introduction Date: 3/26/2015
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
Sponsor: None
Title: Rezoning a 0.52 acre tract of land generally located south of 21st Street between Wyandotte Street and Fort Scott Street from District M1-5 to District UR, and approving a preliminary development plan for a mixed use building to contain residential and retail uses. (14535-UR).

Legislation History
3/25/2015 Filed by the Clerk's office
3/26/2015 Referred to Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee
4/1/2015 Advance and Do Pass as a Committee Substitute, Debate
4/2/2015 Passed as Substituted

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C014535UR_CPC Approved Plans.pdf Plan 4470K Approved Plans
C014535UR_FINALCPCSTFRPT_3.3.15.pdf Staff Report 5549K Staff Report
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Rezoning a 0.52 acre tract of land generally located south of 21st Street between Wyandotte Street and Fort Scott Street from District M1-5 to District UR, and approving a preliminary development plan for a mixed use building to contain residential and retail uses. (14535-UR).




Section A. That Chapter 88, Code of Ordinances of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, commonly known as the Zoning and Development Code, is hereby amended by enacting a new section to be known as Section 88-20A1001, rezoning an approximately 0.52 acre tract of land generally located south of 21st Street between Wyandotte Street and Fort Scott Street from District M1-5 (Manufacturing 1 (dash 5)) to District UR (Urban Redevelopment), said section to read as follows:


Section 88-20A1001. That an area legally described as:


Lots 1 through 6, Block 21, Goodrich Addition, a subdivision in the City of Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.


is hereby rezoned from District M1-5 (Manufacturing 1 (dash 5)) to District UR (Urban Redevelopment), all as shown outlined on a map marked Section 88-20A1001, which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, and which is hereby adopted as a part of an amendment to the zoning maps constituting a part of said chapter and in accordance with Section 88-20 thereof.


Section B. That a development plan for the area legally described above is hereby approved, subject to the following conditions:


1.                  That the developer is responsible for payment of money in lieu of parkland dedication in the amount of $25,360.55. This amount is based upon the following formula: (number of residential units (125) X 2 persons per unit X 0.006 acres = required dedication in acres (1.5) X $16,907.03 per acre = $25,360.55). This amount is subject to change based upon the actual number of residential units constructed.


2.                  That the developer submit to Development Management staff, for review and approval prior to building permit, a final plan in substantial compliance with the preliminary plan and including the following: a fully-labeled and dimensioned site plan, a fully-labeled and dimensioned streetscape plan showing landscaping (including species, common name and size at time of planting), overhead and underground utilities and vaults, lighting and other existing or proposed features located within the right-of-way, color building elevations with all materials labeled, floor plans, and a view corridor height study.

3.                  That the developer submit to the Land Development Division, 5th Floor of City Hall, a Storm Drainage Report from a Missouri-licensed civil engineer evaluating proposed improvements and impact to drainage conditions. There shall not be an increase to historical runoff conditions from the site and since this project is within a "Combined Sewer Overflow" (CSO) district, the expectation is to retain rainfall up to 1.5 inch depth over the entire site to simulate natural runoff conditions and reduce small storm discharge to the combined sewer system. Manage the 10-year storm and provide a safe overflow path for the 100 year storm, in order to provide protection that the rainfall retention approach does not provide. The drainage study should verify if any modifications to public sewer structures are required and that downstream conditions will not be impacted negatively as a result of engineering impact. The study shall be submitted prior to approval and issuance of any building permits and prior to recording the plat. The developer shall provide for construction of improvements as required by City Development Department.


4.                  That the developer obtain the executed and recorded City approved grading, temporary construction, drainage/sewer, or any other necessary easements from the abutting property owner(s) that may be required prior to submitting any public improvements crossing properties not controlled by the developer and include said document(s) within the public improvement applications submitted for permitting.


5.                  That the developer submit a letter to the Land Development Division from a licensed civil engineer, licensed architect, or licensed landscape architect, who is registered in the State of Missouri, identifying sidewalks, curbs, and gutters in disrepair as defined by Public Works Department's "OUT OF REPAIR CRITERIA FOR SIDEWALK, DRIVEWAY AND CURB revised 4/8/09" and based on compliance with Chapters 56 and 64, Code of Ordinances, for the sidewalks, curbs, and gutters where said letter shall identify the quantity and location of sidewalks, curbs, and gutters that need to be constructed, repaired, or reconstructed to remedy deficiencies and/or to remove existing approaches no longer needed by this project. The developer shall secure permits to repair or reconstruct the identified sidewalks, curbs, and gutters as necessary along all development street frontages as required by the Land Development Division and prior to issuance of any certificate of occupancy permits including temporary certificate occupancy permits.


6.                  That the developer integrate into the existing streetlight system any relocated existing streetlights within the street right-of-way impacted by the new drive or approach entrances as required by the Land Development Division, and the relocated lights must comply with all adopted lighting standards.


7.                  That the owner/developer verify adequate capacity of the existing sewer system as required by the Land Development Division prior to issuance of a building permit to connect the private system to the public sewer main and depending on adequacy of the receiving system, make other improvements that may be required.


8.                  That the developer submit a streetscape plan for approval and permitting by the Land Development Division prior to beginning construction of the streetscape improvements in the public right of way, and construct ADA compliant ramps at all required locations where new private drives are being added, or where existing sidewalks are modified or repaired.


9.                  That the developer grant on City approved forms, BMP Easements to the City, as required by Chapter 88 and Land Development Division, prior to issuance of any building permits or BMP permits, whichever occurs first.


A copy of said development plan is on file in the office of the City Clerk with this ordinance and is made a part hereof.


Section C. That the Council finds and declares that before taking any action on the proposed amendment hereinabove, all public notices and hearings required by the Zoning Ordinance have been given and had.




I hereby certify that as required by Chapter 88, Code of Ordinances, the foregoing ordinance was duly advertised and public hearings were held.




Secretary, City Plan Commission


Approved as to form and legality:




M. Margaret Sheahan Moran

Assistant City Attorney