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Legislation #: 900663 Introduction Date: 11/8/1990
Type: Special Action Effective Date: 11/18/1990
Title: Commending Donald E. Fahrenbocker for logging more than three million accident-free miles as a truck driver for Consolidated Freightways.

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Commending Donald E. Fahrenbocker for logging more than three million accident-free miles as a truck driver for Consolidated Freightways.


WHEREAS, while planes, ships, parks and even buildings often bear the names of the noteworthy or the accomplished, trucking firm CF Motor Freight has taken this idea one step further by imprinting a company truck with the name of Kansas City truck driver Donald E. Fahrenbocker who has traveled more than three million accident-free miles during his career. Sixty-year-old Fahrenbocker was present for the dedication of "his" truck, Tuesday, October 30, 1990, at CF Motor Freight's Kansas City consolidation center; and


WHEREAS, special decals bearing the veteran driver's name were affixed to both sides of the tractor portion of the Consolidated Freightways long-haul unit which will be used for intermediate and long-haul transport of freight shipments throughout the United States. The truck will become a traveling recognition of the outstanding accomplishment of one of Consolidated Freightways' most skilled professionals in attaining an impressive safety milestone matched by few professional truck drivers during their careers. The three-million-mile mark is equivalent to 120 trips around the world; and


WHEREAS, Fahrenbocker's driving career began in 1952 when he was hired by a Springfield, Illinois, trucking company that was later acquired by Consolidated Freightways. In 1959 he transferred to Kansas City where he has worked ever since. He had driven 33 years without an accident and reached the three-million-mile safety mark in 1988. He and his wife of 38 years, Eloise, live in Independence where they raised their ten children; and


WHEREAS, through its freight-flow system of 697 terminals and 22,000 employees, CF Motor Freight, based in Palo Alto, California, serves virtually every business address in the United States and Canada. Last year, Consolidated Freightways' 13,000 drivers nationwide traveled nearly 650 million miles on America's roads and highways, averaging approximately one preventable accident per million miles. About 2,800 Consolidated Freightways drivers have driven more than one million miles in their careers without a preventable accident. Some 600 of those drivers have surpassed the two-million-mile mark and 25 are Three Million Milers. Consolidated Freightways and Kansas City are very proud of Donald Fahrenbocker; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby heartily commend Donald E. Fahrenbocker on the occasion of this impressive recognition by his employer CF Motor Freight of his logging more than three million accident-free miles as a professional truck driver; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that copies hereof be presented to Donald Fahrenbocker and to representatives of CF Motor Freight in token of the respect and affection with which he is regarded and of the appreciation of the Mayor and Council for a job well done and of their best wishes for many more safe miles of travel.