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Legislation #: 010601 Introduction Date: 4/19/2001
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 4/19/2001
Title: Establishing a "Health Commission" in Kansas City, Missouri, to improve the health of citizens.

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Establishing a Health Commission in Kansas City, Missouri, to improve the health of citizens.


WHEREAS, national goals for Healthy People 2010 have been established with the aim of improving the health of the entire nation, including elimination of health disparities as a central component; and


WHEREAS, national and local data trends reveal significant disparities in health for racial and ethnic minorities; and


WHEREAS, the United States population as a whole has measurable health disparities when compared to other industrialized nations; and


WHEREAS, a national initiative to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities has been set in motion; and


WHEREAS, the level of resources for health disparities varies among municipalities and counties in the Greater Kansas City area; and


WHEREAS, the Mayors Minority Health Improvement Task Force has developed recommendations to improve the health of minority Kansas City, Missouri residents; and


WHEREAS, the Mayors Minority Health Improvement Task Force has presented recommendations to the Mayor and Council of Kansas City, Missouri; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That a Health Commission be established for the purpose of providing structure and oversight for the development of a Kansas City, Missouri Community Health Plan and to begin discussions for launching a collaborative process for developing a Metro-wide Community Health Improvement Plan.


Section 2. The Health Commission shall have the responsibility of aiding in the development of prevention and risk reduction strategies, ensuring ongoing, systemic modifications, developing and strengthening health policies, resources, and infrastructure, in an effort to effectively provide one of the basic human services of good health.


Section 3. The Health Commission shall establish standing committees and ad hoc committees as needed. One of the standing committees shall be known as the Standing Committee on Minority Health, with the specific purpose of assuring the ongoing implementation of the Mayors Minority Health Task Forces Improvement Plan.


Section 4. The Health Commission shall be comprised of up to seventeen members appointed by the Mayor in consultation with the Director of Health for Kansas City, Missouri. The Health Department will provide staff support to the Commission.