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Legislation #: 100712 Introduction Date: 8/26/2010
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: 10/10/2010
Sponsor: None
Title: Reducing and increasing appropriations in the General Fund for Fire Station Operations and designating requisitioning authority.

Legislation History
8/25/2010 Filed by the Clerk's office
8/26/2010 Referred to Finance and Audit Committee
9/8/2010 Hold On Agenda (9/22/2010)
9/22/2010 Do Pass
9/23/2010 Assigned to Third Read Calendar
9/30/2010 Passed

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Reducing and increasing appropriations in the General Fund for Fire Station Operations and designating requisitioning authority.


WHEREAS, the Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2010-11 appropriated $804,918.00 to the General Services Department for Fire Station Building Maintenance; and


WHEREAS, this appropriation represented both fixed facility maintenance expenses traditionally handled by the General Services Department as well as discretionary fire station facility maintenance expenses budgeted within the Fire Department; and


WHEREAS, it is the desire of both the General Services Department and the Fire Department to transfer these discretionary items to the Fire Department; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the appropriations in the following accounts of the General Fund are reduced in the following amounts:


11-1000-071723-616100 Disinfections/Extermination $ 2,000.00

11-1000-071723-616140 Landscaping 15,000.00

11-1000-071723-616240 Refuse Collection Services 20,000.00

11-1000-071723-616420 Repairs to Maintenance Equip. 20,000.00

11-1000-071723-623080 Cleaning & Sanitation 45,000.00

11-1000-071723-623440 Refuse Bags 1,802.24

TOTAL $103,802.24


Section 2. That the sum of $103,802.24 is appropriated from the Unappropriated Fund Balance of the General Fund to the following accounts:


11-1000-231430-616100 Disinfections/Extermination $ 2,000.00

11-1000-231430-616140 Landscaping 15,000.00

11-1000-231430-616240 Refuse Collection Services 20,000.00

11-1000-231430-616420 Repairs to Maintenance Equip. 20,000.00

11-1000-231430-623080 Cleaning & Sanitation 45,000.00

11-1000-231430-623440 Refuse Bags 1,802.24

TOTAL $103,802.24


Section 3. That the Fire Chief is designated as requisitioning authority for Account No. 11-1000-231430.




I hereby certify that there is a balance, otherwise unencumbered, to the credit of the appropriation to which the foregoing expenditure is to be charged, and a cash balance, otherwise unencumbered, in the treasury, to the credit of the fund from which payment is to be made, each sufficient to meet the obligation hereby incurred.




Randall J. Landes

Director of Finance


Approved as to form and legality:




Alan Holtkamp

Assistant City Attorney