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City Plan Commission

Contact: Joseph Rexwinkle

(816) 513-8824
Description: To make such rules and regulations necessary for procedure concerning meetings, committees, order of business, applications for zoning amendments, vacation of streets, alleys, and plats, dedication of land for public purposes, urban redevelopment projects, hearings, establishment of a records systems, and such other matters as may properly come before the planning commission. There shall be a City Plan Commission consisting of eight members appointed by the Mayor to serve terms of four years beginning on the first day of the fiscal year in the year the appointment is made. In addition, the City Manager, President of the Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners, Director of Public Works, and Director of the Water Services departments shall be advisory members without a vote. The Mayor shall designate one member as chair. Sec. 1102. Duties. (a) Planning. The Commission shall have power to prepare or recommend plans for: (1) The location, extension, vacation, widening, construction, or improvement of streets, trafficways, boulevards, parks, playgrounds, community centers, other recreation facilities, public buildings, bridges, viaducts and subways; (2) A system or systems of widening and opening various through streets so as to relieve traffic congestion; (3) Matters of transit and transportation; (4) Districting and zoning the City as to the use to which property may be put, and regulating the height, area and use of buildings and premises; (5) The improvement of the river front and flood protection; (6) The supervision and regulation of platting and opening subdivisions; 56 (7) The future physical development of the City. (b) Legislation. The Commission shall recommend state and municipal legislation as may be necessary to carry out its plans. APPOINTMENT PROCESS: Mayor appoints 8 members. NUMBER OF CITY MEMBERS: 8 TERM: 4 years
Conflict of Interest Required:  Yes

Board Members
MemberStatusExpiration Date
Babette Macy Nominated 5/11/2021
Diane Burnette Nominated 4/30/2022
Margaret May Nominated 4/30/2022
Matthew Dameron Nominated 4/30/2021
Coby Crowl Nominated 4/10/2019
Tamara Henderson Nominated 4/30/2022
Bobbi Baker Nominated 4/30/2022

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